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Greetings. This is my first post. Congratulations to the Bears on a very fine site. I am seeking your advice on my next pair of skis. I realize that nothing can substitute for a demo, but I will appreciate your insights.

Me: Male, age 62, 6'1" 172#. Reasonably fit but not a jock. Ski patrol for the last 10 years at a small hill in N. Idaho. True deep powder days here are few. I started learning alpine skiing 12 years ago (formerly a Nordic skier). Approximately a level 7 skier. I ski mostly on the groomed, but patrolling requires off-piste also, and I want/need to improve there. I ski about 40 days a season, and will take lessons this year. I have been skiing on K2 Mach S at 174 (pre-China) for the last 3 years. I like this ski a lot, it is a great carver. But at 64 mm under the foot it lacks versatility for crud and powder. My boots are Lange GX9 about 8 years old. I enjoy carving and generally ski in a relaxed, non-aggressive manner at medium speed. Once in a while I get excited/insipired and let the skis run.

Seeking: Versatile all-mountain one-ski quiver, oriented to the front side.

I have narrowed my search to 2 skis: Atomic Metron 10 and Rossignol Z9. These skis are mid-fat carvers and have almost identical dimensions: the M:10 is 126-74-110 and the Z9 is 126-74 105. I was able to demo Metrons at the end of last season, the M:9 and the M:10, and settled on the M:10 at 171. I found the M:10 to be stiffer, more substantial and better able to "dig in" a carve on hard, chunked-up snow.

I was all set to pro form the M:10 at 171 when I read many glowing reports on the Z9, both here and in the popular magazines. This has caused me to hesitate.

I also wonder about whether there is a preferrence in the bindings that these skis come with. They are both "systems", the Atomics coming with Neox and the Rossignols with Axial2s. I know that the new Neox are light, full flexing and have limited fore-and-aft adjustment. I am not familiar with the Rossignol bindings and their site is not very informative.

Should I just pull the trigger on the M:10s that I know I like, or should I wait and demo the Z9s?