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Ski Rentals in Park City

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I guess is doesn’t get any better than this: a 3 day BUSINESS trip to Park City in January. My travel schedule is still up in the air, but as it stands right now, I’ll be leaving straight from the office. Aside from the fact that my skis are more ideally suited for Eastern conditions, I'm not looking forward to lugging them to work in the morning and would really prefer to leave them home.

Any suggestions as to where I should rent skis while I’m there? If demos are the only decent equipment available, there are some Volkl, Head, and Atomic models in particular that like to try.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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Utah ski and Golf. locations in the valley, and one store in Park City.
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NORDA'S, located in Redstone at Kimball Junction, the exit you take from I-80 to Park City.


Depending on the snow conditions at the time, they can give you some excellent suggestions as to which ski to rent.
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For PC, I like Jans. Right on the way into Park City.
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