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Thinking of becomeing a canadian ski patroller

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Hey im thinking of becomeing a canadaian ski patroler, what are the benefits or can anyone give me advice about this endevour, i have to make up my mind by tomorow which is the last day for me to register. Basically im an 18 yr old guy obsessed with skiing, and im looking for options to open up doors to ski more.
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Best group of people I've ever been associated with.Being a member forces you to get out and ski in all kinds of weather,and your skiing will improve.Great First Aid course that comes in handy year round,not just on the slopes.If it's too late to join this year,why not introduce yourself to the Patrol Leader(PL),where you ride.It will give you a chance to meet some patrollers and see what their days(and nights) are like.

Good Luck
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I agree with CSPSKIGUY. It's the best group of people I've been associated with also. Your skiing will improve dramatically and the first aid training is great. And the biggest benefit you get is the feeling of helping other people. But if you think it's a free ski pass you should rethink that. It takes a LOT of commitment, discipline and hard work to do this. Most people I know outside of the patrol are consistently surprised by the time, effort and expense this involves. Many patrols have a "ski with a patroller day" to see what it's like. You may want to consider that.
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Traveler is right about the commitment,discipline and hard work.It's almost like having another job.Some think that 18 is a little young to join.You may want to free ski for a few more years,to get most of it out of your system.You'll still gets lots of riding in when you join,but there will be occasions when you are having a great run,and you have to stop and help some one out.If you really want to maximize your skiing time,head to the mountains and work at one of the hills out there.You're still young enough to enjoy the lifestyle,and get loads of turns in as well.Get a job as a liftee or manual groomer,and you'll get all the skiing you want.
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My doctor is a patrolman; my jeeps service mechanic is a patrolman. I marvel at their commitment from leaving a full weeks profession to work another. Point; as they have mentioned to me, carefully consider the commitment you are willing to make to all the folks counting on you to be ready to go each day. Good luck and good skiing!
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Thanks for all the advice guys, and well tomorow is my 3rd of 5 classes. Evan though ill be patroling this winter next season I am thinking about doing the ski-bum lifestyle for a season.
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I am training right now, did my cpr yesterday. This is an opportuinty of a life time. i hope you decide to join
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Ottawa is hosting the CSPS National Conference nexyt May.Anyone going?It's always a blast.
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Congratulations CanadaSkis. You must be taking the 6 week Sunday course. I'm sure you'll enjoy the on-hill as well.

I haven't been to a national conference but this one is close for me so perhaps it's a good opportunity to do that.
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