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December Ski Trip UTAH

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Last year (March 06) my father and I skied alta for 7 days and stayed in a small motel in SLC, woke up early, hopped the shuttle up the mountain, rarely stopped, explored both groomed runs and off piste, and remained till closing. This year we are accompanied by my mother (does not ski), family friends father (intermediate), mother (doesnt ski), two nine year old boys, and possibly another family with similar characteristics.
My concerns:
1-activities off mountain for mothers and children (may not want to ski all the time)
2-variety of terrain for the other families and children
3-still enjoy powder/trees. I am from NJ; I remember these trips for the rest of my life.
4-They would like to rent a condo/cabin through the christmas holiday :$$$$$$$$.

Is park city our best bet?? Or are there areas in CO that can compare? Please help me! I dont want this trip to pass by and have nothing accomplished. I've read other forums and people are very inciteful!
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best bet is to rent a condo near kimball junction. close to PC, City, outlet malls, olympic park. you can ski, shop, play in the snow, go do stuff in the
city or go to park city.
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Thanks Marty, I appreciate it. Would a rental car be neccessary, or is everything serviced by some shuttle service
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if you were going on your own - i would say everything is accessible by shuttle. since you are going with non-skiers - i think you will all enjoy your vacation better if you had a car rental.

my wife doesn't ski. we always rent a car - so she can spend the day however she wants - and then sometimes i can get her to come pick up the kids frm the ski school - while I go for a few more runs and head back using the shuttle.
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