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Breckenridge Lesson?

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We are going to Breckenridge just after Thanksgiving (praying for good early snow) for our annual family ski trip. We have our kids take lessons at least the 1st day of our trip, more days if they decide they want to take more.
This year we have invited another family to come with us and, if they do, we would have 4 kids taking lessons.

My kids are ages 10 and 12 and level 5/6 skiers. The other two kids would be ages 12 and 14 and I am not sure on their level, but know that have skied less than mine.

Is it best to request specific instructors? If so, any suggestions? Or would we be fine going with whoever is assigned by the ski school?


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Went to Breck with my two daughter's (boarders) in March, 06 and the youngest took two days of lessons and loved it.

To that date, she'd had about 10 days on board and 1 'formal' lesson and was otherwise self-taught.

We walked in to the ski/board school, she talked with the people at the desk, they gave her some advice and off she went. The first part of her first hour was an evaluation and that's when she was assigned a specific group and instructor. Went back two days later, same deal, with a new group and instructor.

She learned a bunch, had a great time and the money was well worth it.

I highly recommend lessons for your children and friends - they're very well taken care of during the day (lessons, break, lunch, etc...) and at Breck they are given a 'report card' on what they learned, how well they're doing, etc...

Should be no worries, even for the newest of the new Breck seems to really take care of people well.
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