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Originally Posted by skierhj View Post
You are right, to get the LAB designation it is hand made in the race room. I actually have a cutaway of a Lab Gun and there is no wood in it. Salomon used the spaceframe to create the camber you mentioned. The team riders using that ski actually had it changed mid-year to something almost identical to the Gun in stores right now.
That's cool! Which Lab ski did you cut open? Also, which ski did the team riders change? From what to what?
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I might also add, that you might have men in dark suits at your door any minute now to take away your secretive ski cross section.
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Uhoh, somebody is at my door... My cross-section is an S-LAB Gun 05/06. I was talking about the Lab Gun. They asked to change it to pretty much the Gun available for retail right now.
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