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New Krypton Pro's

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Hey Mr. Phil Pugliese,

I have been a 20 year veteran of Flexons and just recently decided that I could no longer continue to milk my old Flexon 9.9's because one of the buckles has broken and the liners are pretty much worn out. I found this forum with posts regarding you as the former Flexon For Life organizer and read all your posts on the topic of the Dalbello Krypton Pro as the ideal replacement for the now defunct Raichle. On the strength of all the feedback from the other posters on the Krypton, I decided to go get me some.
Now that I have them, I have a couple big questions for you:
1.-I ski moguls about 60% of the time, the Mary Jane side of Winter Park being my stomping grounds, and was wondering which tongue you would recommend my using; the gray softer one or the black stiffer one?
2.-Would you recommmend putting in the same size forward lean shims as I have been using in the old Flexon 9.9's or do these Krypton Pros act differently and require more or less forward lean?

Appreciate any help you can give me, and thanks for sharing all your discovery information on the Dalbello's.

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I could have just as easily answered over at TGR, but welcome to Epic!

Like you, I was most concerned on how close can I get these to flex and ski like my Flexons did. I started with setting up the shims to have the same forward lean as my Flexons did. I perfer a lot of degree, so I used the big shim, that was in the 05 model, the new 07 has a couple more degree built in. Bring the shims with you and play with them. As far as the tongues, I started with the softer grey ones. On one foot, I put the grey one in one Krypton and on my other foot I put my Flexon (9.9 also). I found the grey tongue to be closest to my Flexons flex right out of the box. One of the firsts things I did notice was how much more "life" and rebound the Krypton had over the Flexon. Maybe you feel the same way as I do as far as flex, but a softer forward flexing boot does not bother me as long as it is stiff laterally and rearward and the Krypton is very stiff in those areas.

What are your plans for the liner? Are you using a thermo liner now? if so, it can easily be remolded for the Krypton. In fact, you could drop it right into the Krypton now and get a better fit than you would out of the stock liner.

Please keep us posted on your findings (both here and at TGR).
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Not to steal Phil's considerable thunder on the subject, but I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents worth. After 10 years in Flexons I am now also in Kryptons. I would suggest putting in the larger forward lean shim. It will be the closest to the forward lean in your Flexons. As for the tongues, that combined with the flex adjuster on the inside of the back of the cuff gives you a lot of variation in the flex. As a strarting point I think the soft grey tongue will give you a similar flex to the Flexons, but I would suggest also trying the stiffer one if you like to ski bumps. It gives you even more of the shock absorber feel.

P.S. Well, It looks like Phil already beat me to it!
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Thanks Phil and Mudfoot,

I do tend to think that a softer forward flex works good at absorbing the bumps, as long as it is stiff laterally and in the back to give you the stability to bounce out of the trough and rotate. I'll try them both and compare. That's what is cool about the Kryptons, options, options, options.
As to the liners, I have the stock ones right now, but am looking to buy some thermo. Do you have a suggested website or store in Colorado?

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There's plenty of posts around here about my trials and tribulations in getting a pair of thermoflex liners into my Kryptons. I was never able to do it though and ended up going with the ZipFit Plug Leather liner (which is not a generally available model this year, but still should be available from Superior Ski at Snowbird - according to Sven Coomer).

I believe that the Krypton actually has more built-in forward lean than the Flexon. The original Krypton without any shims = Flexon with 4mm (smaller) shim.

And I like your tag, but you should've made it "FunkenDrenchman" which is what most of us regular Mary Janers call the fabled run .
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Hey Noodler,

Sorry for the late reply, but I had to go into the basement for 5 days. I wasn't too happy to hear that you had problems with getting thermoflex liners to fit into your Kryptons; do you have the Pros? Have you tried skiing in the stock liners and how did that work for you?
As to "The Jane", I have been skiing there for 12 years and I have never heard anyone call it FunkenDrenchman, but I like it. I actually like Outhouse better, when it isn't being half shaved so the wussies can get back to "The Jane" side where they don't belong if they don't like bumps, but I didn't think that moniker would be too hot to use in a forum.
Speaking again of "The Jane", I think Intrawest wants to eventually turn it into Copper east by grooming a lot of the famous bump runs (does every area have to cater to the eastern "One-Trip-A-Year" feeeway skier?), so if you have friends that like moguls, you should be banging their email with requests to leave her as is and let the cruisers go to the Winter Park side or any of 10 other Colorado majors.

DrunkenFrenchman (aka. FunkenDrenchman)
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Originally Posted by DrunkenFrenchman View Post
Hey Noodler,

I wasn't too happy to hear that you had problems with getting thermoflex liners to fit into your Kryptons; do you have the Pros? Have you tried skiing in the stock liners and how did that work for you?

DrunkenFrenchman (aka. FunkenDrenchman)
I had absolutely no problem putting a thermoflex in my Krypton Pros. The Crosses are identical for shell.
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First of all (on topic) I knew that Phil had no trouble with getting the Thermoflex working with his Kryptons, but I believe he used the Raichle style Thermoflex (not the true Intuition version). I have about 5 pairs of the Raichle dual-density thermoflex liners and 2 sets of the Intuition Power Wrap alpine liners. There is a HUGE difference between these liners. I was able to pretty much get the Raichle version into my Kryptons. However the Intuitions were a different story - between the extra "volume" gained when Intuition's Ultralon foam is heated and the "power wrap" (that's just a piece of foam glue around the back of the upper cuff) getting sticky when heated there was just no great way to get the job done (and I consider myself fairly adept at fitting thermoflex-type liners).

Now off topic - it really is a pity to see where Winter Park is starting to go. I was really annoyed last season at how much grooming was happening on the Jane side. Stuff that I had never seen groomed before started getting hit by the cats - and that half-n-half thing on Outhouse is just plain sacreligious.
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I'm also remembering that Phil wasn't using any footbeds at that time (not sure if that's still the case). I could easily get into the boot without footbeds and using the Raichle style thermoflex.
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