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JH New Building in Front of Mangy Moose

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A friend of mine is telling me that they built a rather large building in the field where dogs use to run in front of the Mangy Moose and HoxtelX. Is this true? Anyone got any photos? If true this is very sad. You probably can't even sit outside of the old TRAM and the Mangy Moose deck and see the Hobacks anymore. :
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There are numerous large buildings in front of the Mangy, the Teton Mountain Lodge is one there is another large 'spa/ hotel' directly infront of the tram building, there was construction going on in the field, You can still sort of see the top of the ridge line, sort of. Zero thought went into this, you can't walk around anymore, there is no flow to the development, just a jumble of big buildings.

I think they are using the planning board from North Conway NH...Beautiful location, lets build a strip mall!!!!
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Yes, it's true.

There's lots of construction going on in Teton Village with even more to come. It's important to mention, however, that the lots you are talking about are private property. Those lots been open, park-like space for so long that everybody seems to have assumed that they really are just park space.

Instead, "progress" has finally caught up with Teton Village and most of those remaining properties are either under development or soon will be. If it makes you feel any better, Teton County has a building height restriction of 65 feet, so none of the new buildings will be more than about 5 stories.

Here's an aerial photo of Teton Village:

Lot 3295 is the Mangy Moose.

Lot 3269 is common open space and will remain that way.

Lot 3315 is the Hostel.

Lot 3265 is the aerial tram dock and Nick Wilson's Cafe.

Lot(s) 3385 is the CURRENT Teton Mountain Lodge.

Lot 3335 is the one that is presently under construction for an extension of the Teton Mountain Lodge.

Lot 3325 has been sold and construction will start next spring on another condo/hotel/commercial building.

Lot 3395 is the Pepi Stiegler Sports building.

Lot(s) 3405 is potentially under contract and will probably become another condo/hotel/commerical building within the next three years.

Lot 3275 is the current "Village Center" building (home of TGR, Wildernest Sports, and the Village Cafe). This building will be knocked down in the next two years and become a retail/office/residential building.

Lot(s) 3285 is the building Teton Village Sports is located in. It has residential condos on the three floors above TVS.

So as I said, there's a great deal going on in Teton Village.

I do suspect that the views from the deck of the Mangy Moose will be significantly affected by the two new hotel/condo buildings going up in between it and the Teton Mountain Lodge. That's too bad, I suppose, but it's hard for me to get too worked up about it because I'm not a big fan of the Moose anyway. Some green space WILL remain in front of the Moose once this is all completed, however.
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I forgot to add...

Yes, you can still see the Hobacks from the deck of the tram. That may be affected once the 3405 building goes up, but I'm not so sure about that.

I do know that you will still be able to see most of the upper part of the ski area from the deck of the Moose even when all the construction is done.

If it quits snowing ( ), maybe I'll go take a photo or two of some of this stuff.
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Is that actually 3395 (as opposed to 3495) for Pepi Stiegler's?
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Originally Posted by Si View Post

Is that actually 3395 (as opposed to 3495) for Pepi Stiegler's?
Yes. Thank you.

I just fixed it.
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Bob, thanks for taking the time to explain that. It is very sad that they are building in space that I thought was common open space. Ahhh too ugly. Sounds like the Teton Village planners should all be fired.

Good to hear that it is snowing out there.
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Been a long tme since the "wet Tee shirt" contest at "The Moose" in the spring of 1975. Also the City Limits blue grass band and the Viciouse Cycles flick.
Hell to get old.
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At least the development you mentioned is concentrated in a walk-around village instead of sprawling all over the landscape as seems to be the usual case here in the East.
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Just so long as the Hostel is still ski in//ski out!!!, will miss sledding at midnight in that field though
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Village Center - R.I.P.

Sad to hear that the Village Center will soon be going the way of the Dodo Bird. Way back in 1987 a buddy and I booked one of those apartments for two weeks. The place had 'character' even back then, as our condo actually had an old upright piano in it (the hammers on two keys were missing, I recall, which made for some creative compositions). On our third or fourth day we bumped into some fellow Canadians - a group of university students from Regina Saskatchewan. On a whim, they drove down in a clunky Mercury Bobcat without booking a hotel (they also discovered that the roads through Yellowstone were closed in the winter and had to take the long way around). They had brought sleeping bags and were planning on sleeping in their car but the damn thing broke down in the parking lot and had to be towed into Jackson for repairs. Ken and I took pity on them and they ended up crashing for three nights with us. The skiing, I recall, was incredible and we had to do some creative auto repairs ourselves - such as changing the starter out on my buddy's 1971 Dodge Van in sub-zero weather in the middle of the Safeway parking lot in Jackson. Still, there were some great memories from that trip and that condo at the Village Center - just steps away from the tram - will always be a part of that. Adeiu!
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Well, progress is often sad, but that never seems to stop it...

As long as I can (relatively) easily stumble back and forth from the Moose to Hostel X, I anticipate many good memories will continue to be generated.
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