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cat skiing in Montana?

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Planning a trip to Big Sky / Bridger this coming Feb. Looking to do some cat skiing - any outfits that you all might recommend? I'd prefer a cat / heli operation vs. cat skiing at a "resort"

think snow

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Nothing in these parts. Sorry.

The cats all got skinned.:
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I don't think there are any cat or heli-skiing opertations in Montana, are there? Closest would probably be Ferrine in Canada.
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Just over the border in Idaho.

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Yeah, I don't know of any by me except the cat trips run by the mountain.
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There is an outfit based by Bridger Bowl called Montana Powder Guides. They've been around for years but I don't know much about them except they offer cat skiing. Their phone number is 406-587-3096.
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Thanks everybody. Now if I could just find cheap airfare for president's week (ahhh the joys of being married to a teacher)
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