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Eastern Slopes Magazine launch is now "on-hold"

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Unfortunately, it has just been reported that the launch of Eastern Slopes Magazine has been "placed on hold". This info comes from the owner of DCski.com who has/had a good relationship with them.

Source of this info (the message posted 11-18-2003 01:18 AM EST in this thread).

I wish them the best, and hope they make it through this crisis. From what Scott said on DCski, it seems pretty clear that insufficient initial capitalization was the problem (as is all too often the case with fledgling businesses).

Tom / PM

PS - I have no idea if the subscription money already sent in will be returned, but I wouldn't hold my breath. I now feel bad for being the one to have brought this "magazine" to the attention of the EpicSki community.

PS#2 - I also posted this in the original thread: http://www.epicski.com/cgi-bin/ultim...2;t=005037;p=2

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Don't rub it in. 2 fitness articles completed before the deadline. Drat!
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Before saying $#it, keep in mind that the online version is still there, and this appears to be a delay, not a "never-ever" . . . I hope.
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Yes, I too was supposed to write an article for the publication. After reading about this I decided to send an email to Cathy Cox, the person I received my assignment letter from, and Tim Jones, the founder of the magazine.
This is the response I got from Lisa:
Laurie, I was away when all this happened, but yes it is true. I am in the office today to clean out and finish business, such as getting back to you.
Don't bother to do the article. I am truly sorry, as I think Eastern Slopes is a great magazine and hope it will find new life in the future. Kathy
and here is Tim's response:

We are indeed "on hold" while we seek additional investment. I'll be in contact as soon as we're moving again.

Tim Jones
It would be nice to see them able to get moving on this again. It seemed like it was going to be a great magazine and I was really looking forward to my first issue.

They are down...but I wouldn't count them out yet. They seem to have the motivation and drive to make it happen.
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I hate to be pessimistic but perhaps this signals a decline in print journalism with respect to skiing. Many specialized academic and science publications are going the way of the web so why not ski publications?

Web content is cheaper to publish, timelier, and more interactive. In a timely business like skiing, these features give the web a big advantage over print publications. Many of the articles in Ski, for example, were written last season. They have nice photos and are well written but they are dated by the time of publication. A firsthand report published immediately on a web site or for that matter, a detailed report posted on a web forum like epic (perhaps with images), is far more valuable to the reader.

In a way, DCSki is the model for a regional ski publication, not Eastern Slopes. It's a pure web play with minimal overhead. Writers contribute articles for free because they love the sport and enjoy writing about it. Readers quickly alert others through comments if they sniff out any BS in the articles. It's self-policing and its a lot less biased than articles written in major print publications.

If Eastern Slopes had followed the DCSki model, it would be in much better shape. That's my two cents worth.

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The Epic and DCSki sites have done alot more for me in terms of learning how to ski and where to ski than the magazines I have subscribed to in the past. I too was excited about Eastern Slopes. But I think given the quality of the web resources its not a major loss.

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This is too bad, but I have to agree with the above posters. Web based 'magazines' would appear to be the future of niche market publications. Costs are far cheaper, and information is much more timely. The lower costs leads to less of a reliance on advertising, so reviews are less biased. Web communities (like epicski) can develop as well - and people within these niche markets tend to want to talk about their hobbies.

Now I just have to convince my girlfriend I'm not wierd for bringing my laptop into the bathroom for some quality reading time.
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