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Steamboat vs. Park City

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We were really late booking a trip this year for winter vacation, however, we managed to find decent accomodations and flights to these mountains. My biggest remaining concerns are the crowds, terrain, and early season snow. We've actually gone to both resorts already as a family when we were all begining intermediates. However, in general we are now all at least solid intermediates to advanced skiers. I'm mostly curious about the difference in crowds, obviously both will be quite bad. We will likely be there from dec. 27- jan 3 (busiest time of the year) and there isn't too much flexibility on the dates. So I guess it comes down to this:

Which resort will be less crowded (probably neither)?

Which will likely have superior snow (early season colorado storms are looking nice)?

Which terrain/lift set up do you prefer?
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As far as the crowds, at least in Utah, the crowds have room to spread out among several resorts. Also, both Deer Valley and Alta limit lift ticket sales.

For what it's worth...

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Yeah, I can't decide which is a bigger benefit, the fact that steamboat is isolated so there is a definate limit to the number of people or that park city is surrounded by a ton of quality ski resorts.
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Park City area is a MUCH better choice, I worked in the ski industry and Steamboat was part of my territory, and yes we do live in Park City but have NO interests in the Hotel industry etc. Steamboat does not have the varriety of Park City and does not have the higher quality lodging, dining or snow... you can fly in to SLC in the am, and ski by noon... can't do that in Steamboat... have fun... if you want NO traffic on the run's but a full town come during Sundance Film Festival
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On a raw number standpoint, PC has 1.6 million visitors spread out over three mountains each the size of Steamboat (well - DV is a little smaller). Steamboat has 1 million visits on just one mountain. For snow, Steamboat & the PC mountains generally have similar snow amounts (maybe a little more in PC - but that could be snow stake placement), so that's a wash.

I don't know - maybe it comes down to where you've been least and what deal you can get. Both will be fun.

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If we are talking PCMR, DV & Canyons and NOT the Cottonwood Canyons then Steamboat would be a better bet for early season snow. As for crowds, I would again give the nod to Steamboat; no day skiers.

I don't know what Rock is talking about. I have skiied both alot, and there is great lodging at SB, plenty slopeside and cheaper. As for snow, SB is much superior to park city.
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Never been to Steamboat- so can't help you there. Park City does have the advantage that people mentioned above of 8 world class resorts nearby. Steamboat is isolated up there by itself, so if it is crowded and the snow is bad, your pretty much out of luck. At PC, you can always count on great snow in LCC and BCC if PC didn't have good snow. I know at that time last year, PC & area got hammered by a bunch of big storms. I think that Park City is the safer bet with the time you are going.
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Never been to Park City, but I'll be rectifying that big gap in the ski resume in Feb. As far as the Boat goes, never had a lift line over 5 minutes and the only wait was to get on the gondola at the base, which moved very quickly. I was there during a holiday weekend and it was not a problem.
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Thanks for the advice everyone, the family decided on steamboat and I think it will be a great trip. Wasatch, I was actually in LCC last year when they got hammered twice, absolutely incredible skiing. Toad, good to hear that the holiday skiing wasn't too crowded, hope its the same for us.
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We'll be at Steamboat the same week. We go every year for Christmas and have never had a problem. Great snow, medium crowds, nice places to stay. It's a great place to holiday with the family.
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Steamboat's isolated, no day skiers. Snow is also some of the best and most reliable in Colorado. Plenty of good lodging options (and less expensive than many other destination resorts), cool town as well. They're also replacing the Sunshine lift with a HSQ, so the people in your group that are intermediates will have that whole area to play with, which is some great intermediate terrain. For the advanced skiers, Storm Peak offers some of the best tree skiing anywhere, hands down.

I'm heading out there in Feb with friends, we got a huge 2 floor, 4 bedroom slopeside condo for $295 a night. The thing I like the best about SB is that you can get all the conveniences of a mega-mountain, still have tons of dining/drinking/lodging options, but not have to deal with as much of the "glitz" as other mega-resorts. Also, be sure to book your tickets on if you're going for 6+ days!
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Originally Posted by ChrisBowers View Post
I'm heading out there in Feb with friends, we got a huge 2 floor, 4 bedroom slopeside condo for $295 a night.
: : Wow, that's a good price!! What condo is it? We haven't been there in a couple years and are considering the Boat for a week in Feb as well.

I agree with your sentiments about Steamboat as well. It has a little bit of everything and its all really good (good mountain, great snow, cool town & great people and a lot of things to do off slope as well), though there are better mountains for expert terrain.
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We went to Steamboat last year for Xmas and are going again this year. The only time we had trouble with crowds was when we wanted to eat lunch. We solved that by eating by 11:00 on some days and after 1:30 on others. This year we have a slopeside condo and plan to eat in the condo for lunch. My family loves Steamboat (this will be our 5th trip there) and we hope to continue to go there for many more Xmas vacations.
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We found it on VRBO. It is in Storm Meadows, listed under "inexpensive 4 bedroom" I believe. The place looks real nice, looks to be recently redone, and even has a hot rock sauna in the actual unit. Just be careful though, all the units in that building are privately owned, and we saw other units that looked like they were straight out of 1983 for twice as much. These people were very nice though and the price was righteous!
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