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Done it yet?

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Taken the skis down, slipped into the boots, clicked into the bindings? Couple phantom pole reaches, feel that subtle weight transfer, swoosh swoosh swooooooooooooosh.

Huh? Anyone but me?

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Nope - but I have been watching MSP and PBP movies fairly regularly.
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Sorry Ryan, no, but the skiing was good last Sunday. A bit soft near the end of the day but good none-the-less. And I got a good bake in the process. But the snow cover is getting pretty slim. We shall see if I am skiing in September and October.

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Mark, cool. Make a couple turns for me.

[ July 31, 2003, 02:20 PM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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I was on my Fischers last week, on snow (but indoors)

Boy, did I need that fix!

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I put the boots on and fondled the skis lovingly as I packed them carefully for the ride to Vermont.

I'm here now, and I'm nestled in the Green Mountains with skier_j, settling in and loving the cool breezes that blow each night. It's borderline Cold for August! Hurry, hurry, winter.

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Not my equipment, yet. But when I was out at Long Beach Ca. last week, I trained to teach a new exercise device called The Ramp. Most people see it as being an inclined ramp, but of course, I went to the higher end, and started practicing edging moves.

Thhe owner of the certification company teaches snowboarding at Copper.
Gave me kind of a strange look [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Yup, pathetic isn’t it. Let’s see……August, September, October…….I could be skiing in three months. I’m gonna go put the boots back on.
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Judging by the snow cover, that picture of Hood was a few weeks old.
I've put the stuff away again but I'm trying to find someone to stonegrind a pair of demos I have to return in August.
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My new skis are here, does that count?
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"mmmmmmmmmm, new skis."

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No I have not gone anywhere near my ski equipment. Summer is short here, way to many things on my "list" left to do. Perhaps it is different if you live in a warm climate. Now ask again In October....
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ski, ski,

ski, ski, ski


Oz [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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