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Soft shell or XCR?

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With all of the selections in outerwear today I am in need of a pros response regarding the new soft shell technology. Hopefully, somebody that used it a full season through the full weather spectrum. It stretches, breathes exceptionally, is much lighter, softer, quieter...supposedly waterproof... Thats the big question in my mind. How waterproof and can it compare to say 540/630 N 3-layer Gore-Tex XCR?
Gore-Tex has their own soft shell fabric as well...low loft AND high loft.. Geez, I'm a skier, not a rocket scientist!
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I don't think there is anyone claiming that softshells are waterproof... the closest you'll get to a waterproof softshell is a hybrid like the Arc'teryx Stingray. Regular softshells are great jackets that are fine for 90% of the skiing you do. The rest of the time, when its snowing or raining or there's fresh wet snow, a hardshell is a far better. If you head into the lodge when the flakes start to fly or you don't even consider heading out to the hill if there's a chance of rain, a softshell will serve you very well. If you want just one jacket for everything though, stick with a high quality goretex shell- i've never had problems with overheating or sweating in my Gore brand rain shell, even when temps were in the 60s.
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