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Snow in Maine

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Got an encouraging e-mail this afternoon, Sugarloaf has 6"at the base as of 11:00am, more at the summit. I checked out the SundayRiver web site, and they have recieved 6"-8" and ARE SKING! Man, I wish I wasn't in NY for school right now...
Hopefully this is all the start of a great season!
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You're right! I was skeptical since there was only a dusting Saturday, but pic from Sunday River's web site yesterday.

Looks heavy and "gloppy", but a good start!
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Yes, this is very encouraging and they are talking about a possible 3-6" tomorrow.
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Going to have to start checking NE webcams to see what's shaping up.

I can just see the depression setting in on the non-sliders now!!
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