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Utah in early December

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I was thinking of doing an early ski trip to Utah the first week in December. Any local knowledge as to what to expect that early in the season. Thanks Steve
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Expecting lots of snow (not that you are) in early December is expecting a lot, no matter where you're going to be. Personally, I've had some pretty darn good coverage there for that early, and I've had not a whole lot, which should not be a surprise.
Best bet is LCC, of course.

I-CHING say: no telling.

Hope ya get pounded though.

edit: this

Actual locals will chime in with more experience. I've been there three of the past four Decembers, including one first week of the month.

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It's alway best to wait until the last minute in December. But considering you may have plan ahead, SLC is a fairly good bet.
You can always drive to Grand Targhee if you have too. I generally think Colorado's a little better early season bet. Higher elevation, more snowmaking and less rocky terrain.
Alta/Snowbird need about a 70" base to start getting good,
Aspen can be good with less than 30".
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Don't go to Utah. Utah sucks. Go to Colorado. It is better.
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This past season, CO would have been a better bet. They had some serious early season dumps, while UT had an average if not subpar season.

There's just no tellin'!
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