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Ive tried a few Lambic ales, similar idea to your bananweizen....hated them. That being said I've been away from beer drinking for a while now, back on the ketogenic diet, so for now its only natually no carb Scotch.
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Tried some Lambic at our beerfest and again a couple of w/e's ago. Didn't care for it (maybe it was just the ones I had). The banananweizen is not as tart and/or sweet. Maybe it is the concentration? Lo carb, yep, I hear ya...michelob ultra....not my cup of tea.
But, I try to save the beer indulgence for a day a week or maybe every other. The beer frig overfloweth.
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I have to agree with MontanaSnow on the Moose Drool! I tried it in Whitefish a couple years ago and liked it so much, I bought the Tee-shirt! I was overjoyed to find it in one of our stores here in Arizona about a year ago. Another good one is the Blue Moon with a slice of orange in it. Four Peaks Brewery in Tempe, Arizona makes a very good Pumpkin Ale around the holidays. Strange as it may sound, you just wish you had a piece of pumpkin pie to go along with it!

You're making me thirsty! And I have 45 minutes to work yet!
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Dude nobody can mess with eastern microbrews... Just come to the CT River Brewer's Festival w me next year for another around-the-world tent trip and you'll understand. I'm going to throw Berkshire Brewing Company in the mix as well... Here in Western Mass it's a staple and it's starting to gain popularity, thank God! I have taken the brewery tour, as well which rocks. My favs are the ever-present Steel Rail, and during the tour I got to try a Gold Spike that was treated with cascade hops that blew me away. Too bad it was a 5-gal batch from the brewmaster's personal stash. Also there's Paper City which has some great beers up the road in Holyoke. Dam ale is good and their IPA is hoppy as a mofo. We have brewpubs all over the place, including Amherst Brewing Company, Northampton Brewing Company, and of course Boston Beer Works. Rock Art and switchback are more micros in VT that have great beer... I could go on and on, man it's like asking me which pair of boobs are the best...
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RE: Springfield MA is the best for beer

I dunno - throwing down the beer gauntlet like that without considering places like Willamette valley is asking for a beatdown! (then again it could be fun testing things out

I do think there are great ubrews here in the east though.
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