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Originally Posted by Max_501 View Post
What do you guys think of Bass Ale?
They do a very good pint of draught Bass in The Express Tavern on the North side of Kew Bridge. Might be a bit far for many to travel though.
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Only problem I have with Bass is it seems flat by the time they get it imported over here. I like the flavor, color etc but it always seems a little dead in the glass. Gotta do a road trip I guess to check out the real fresh stuff
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English ales do not usually have much of a head on them, if that is what you mean by 'flat', though in the North a swan neck tap may be used to add a head. The beer should not taste dead though .

Here is a photo of the Express Tavern with the Bass triangle and an ad for 'Draught Bass ' on the front. Not many places I would choose to drink Bass. Not many places in London that still feature it.

Coors now own the Bass brewery in Burton on Trent.

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Guinness (served in Dublin)
New Castle
Black Butte Porter
Fat Tire
Odell 90 shilling
Black Magic Java Stout
Paulaner Oktoberfest
Dixie Blackened Voodoo (not sure if its made anymore due to Katrina)

Go to the Great American Beer Festival in Colorado, Oct 11-13 and try them all. I went last year. It was great.
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i guess i'm a hophead

forget what i said on the previous page. i just tried Stone Brewing's Ruination IPA.

goodgawd it's fantastic.

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max, am i seeing slightly more weight on the glass due to the timely unweighting of the bottle? the subtle action, if indeed present, is hard to detect with the nekkid eye.
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Bell's Oberon... Straight from Kalamazoo MI

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It's about that time of year for the fresh hopped ales! :

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Chimay - with the blue label - is an AMAZING beer.
As for Bass, it's good, but Harp's is MUCH better. I believe it's made by Guinness.

Holsten offers a great range of beers, 2 of which are 7%.
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mmmmmm beeeeer
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Originally Posted by CanadaSteep View Post
As for Bass, it's good, but Harp's is MUCH better. I believe it's made by Guinness.
Harp and Smithwicks are not very good at all.

Nigerian and Belgian Guinness is the good stuff.
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Harp's not good? Gotta contest that!
Smithwicks I agree is a poor drink.

If you get to Ontario, or maybe elsewhere in Canada, KLB Apricot Wheat Ale
was pretty good last time I tried it.
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Originally Posted by CanadaSteep View Post
Harp's not good? Gotta contest that!
My opinion is based on the draught lager we get on this side of the Atlantic. What you get in Canada may be different.

The two Guinness at 8 % :-

1) This is the famous and relatively rare Belgian Guinness, bottled specially for John Martin SA.
A very dark, almost black beer with faint ruby highlights and an astonishingly deep, bitter, roasty and fruity nose.
Texture is smooth and silky yielding a deeply complex and balanced taste of roast barley, vine fruits, currants, liquorice and evident alcohol. The beer is very dry and bitter which disguises the hefty alcohol fairly well, leading to a surprisingly clean bitter and dry finish.
Conclusion: A beer for the discerning drinker. Make no mistake this is not an easy drink. The bitterness and roastiness are very strong and not to everyone's liking but this is class. Complex and rewarding.


2) Guinness has three outposts in Nigeria: this example was from Ikeja. Working 'under close supervision' of the St James Gate brewery, they produce a blend of a light local beer (bottom fermenting?) with a stronger liquid brewed locally using concentrate sent from Dublin which bears more than a passing resemblance to Foreign Extra Stout. The result isn't half bad, not only stronger but much more complex and interesting than the rather dull 'Original' that's become the standard-issue bottled Guinness in mainland Britain. It's widely available from local shops in places with a significant West African population and the bottle even wears on its neck the classic slogan "Guinness is Good For You", long since banned in countries with more delicate sensibilites. The contents has a pronounced creamy, estery aroma of banana and solvents, a full burnt malt palate with some refreshing citric fruit and faint horse blanket notes (the residue, perhaps, of the Brettanomyces that inhabits St James Gate's legendary wooden maturing vessels), and a very fresh mouthfeel for its strength. There are lingering delicate hops, bitter chocolate and ash in a pleasingly long finish. If only they'd bottle condition a beer of this complexity.
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new castle is my favorite.
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Anyone here tried any of the Hook Norton Brewery real ales ?
Made by a small brewery in a village in Oxfordshire,England ,very close to where I live.
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Tried this the other day - good stuff for fall - you know, when we get those coolish brisk days (interspersed with 90+ degree days .

Jinx is the "SeptemberOctoberNovember" Ale.
ABV: 6.9
Gravity: 1.066
Bitterness: 20
SRM: 22.0
Yeast: English Ale
Hops: Warrior, Centennial
Malts: Pale, Crystal, Chocolate, Munich, Peat-Smoked Whiskey Malt

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Coors Light (kidding).

Shilling 90 (Odell's) or Oberon (Bell's) are 2 of my current favorites.
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Originally Posted by Shades View Post
Anyone here tried any of the Hook Norton Brewery real ales ?
Made by a small brewery in a village in Oxfordshire,England ,very close to where I live.
How real are they?:
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Three Letters:


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I really miss American microbrews. Living in Europe, I've really gotten into Staropramen (http://www.staropramen.com)
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ah yes - the basic steps of brewing on that site are very similar to ones I used even in homebrewing. The tasting of the final result must be a real treat with that Czech beer - I love em from what I've had and I can only imagine fresh from the brewery!
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i've slugged down a few Staro's in Prague. Ditto for Radeburgers in Eastern Euro. They really do taste better the closer to point of origin you get, too.

my new favorite right now is Kostritzer. It's a black lager. Tripped me out when i ordered it blindly at a bar in SF recently. i ordered it as it was one of the few beers they had that wasn't on tap (i honestly try to avoid tap beer as much as possible these days...too many run ins with crappy taps and bad/moldy lines). the bartender cracked it open and began pouring it into a special Kostrizer glass. As he poured i couldn't help but notice it's dark coloring, rather like a barley wine, porter or light stout. I immediately thought "Crap, i've stumbled into some dark, overly sweet barley wine/trappist monk Belgian brew. Dammit!" (I am not a fan of the sweet Belgian ales or barley wines). As he poured the bartender queried as to whether or not i'd ever had this particular beer before. When i replied "No, I haven't..." he smiled and said "It's cool. It's a black lager." I let out a sigh, slipped him my fiver, and took a sip. TASTY.

that's: Kostritzer Schwarzbier Black Lager, folks.

holy eff!

my buddies just hipped me to this store in SF:

and they carry the Kossy!

see ya!
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Originally Posted by Shades View Post
Anyone here tried any of the Hook Norton Brewery real ales ?
Made by a small brewery in a village in Oxfordshire,England ,very close to where I live.
Yes. Old Hooky for one. Small but well-established brewery not a micro-brewery.
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As for Czech beers, nothing comes close to Budweiser Budvar in my opinion.

I recently had a bottle of Pivovar Black Herrold - a czech black lager, but Budvar is the main standby.
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Originally Posted by doublediamond223 View Post
Greg R. is quite familiar with my ID, seeing as it's from his state and he's seen it.

Can we add :nonono2: , :cussing: , and :firedevil: from tgr? :nonono2: is particularly useful.

And yes, most certainly, .

Oh and Greg, go ahead and take the bottles, you'll notice all but the St Peters are empty. (MM wasn't mine)
and and

there you go
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Great American Beer Festival

Fall has started, ski season has yet to begin. It's time for the annual pilgrimage to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival. I am volunteering so I shall get to drink tasty beers from around the country for free. There is still time yet to volunteer. Next orientation meeting is 09/02/2007. There is one on Saturday too.


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Hope you mean 10-2-07, other wise I must be in a time warp!

Here's my 2 cents. (this will cost a little more!)
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Sorry, you are correct. I've been living in a time warp all summer. This is October not July or Sept again. Oct = Beer month.
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