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Fatality at Sugarbush

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Thanks Lisa.

I am, we are.

God rest her soul.

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Or her soul, even.
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anyone have any idea where on the mountain this happened? Be safe out there all, and if you don't have a helmet BUY ONE!
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I'm saddened to hear such bad news. I just read the article. I do wear a helmet, but I don't think it would've helped her. The article states she died of internal injuries. It was on Mount Ellen, which is Sugarbush North.
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We had another death last week. A male snowboarder age 29, hit a tree at speed, and died of the injuries. He was supposedly a solid rider, and wearing a helmet. Last week was firm and fast. Every year a few people die on the hill.
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13'th or 14th fatality this season.

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Actually, 13 fatalities in Colorado alone already, and the highest risk crowd (15-25 yr old Midwestern male beginner/intermediates) is just now starting to arrive for spring break.
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Conditions were really fast at SR last week. 6 inches of snow windblown on one side solid ice on the other. Ski just rocket from underneath you.

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