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OK, let's see:
Skier - in my 30's, reasonably fit, 5'9'', weight 165-170 have been skiing for 20 years, but in the last few years have skiied less than 10 days per year ( hoping to change that starting next year). Can handle speed, ice moguls but not really a good skier in deep snow. Ski in Europe, so no real west-like dumps/
What i'm looking for in a ski: one ski quiver that would really, really help improve my skiing in the deep while retaining excellent ice hole and a "strong " feeling on the groomed. no hucking.
Skis i tried recently:
Head ircx 1200 170cm - took me a few runs to dial them in but i enjoyed them very much, although i missed making small carved turns
Fischer rx8 165 cm - really a lot of fun, but they were "too easy".
Fischer AMC 76 170 cm - didn't like them -felt too light , didn't inspire confidence, actually could't wait to sswap them
Volks Allstar - blah - not bad at all, just not very exciting
Dynastar 8000 172 cm - very nice ski, but i didn't have a chance to really ski them off-piste and i missed abit of power at the end of the turn
Rossi B2 - previos model- too short and too soft, liked the Bandit XX much more.
Head im 75 177cm. loved their long turn capability, but would look into with more short turns.
None of the above seem fat enough
kis i'm considering:
Atomic Snoop Daddy
Volkl ac4
Scott mission or Aztec pro
Salomon X-fury
Head im 77 (in a 170 cm)- wouldn't be a bit skinny to be a real cruch in deep)
Rossi B3
please choose a pair for me