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Anybody Contemplating Mammoth 11/9?

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anybody thinking about making the trek to Mammoth for their tentative opening day of November 9th?

i know for me it will depend on how much snow they have plus whether or not Tioga Pass is open.
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If Mammoth is open with decent (natural snow) conditions, Tioga pass is closed.
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yeah, am aware of that, which kind of sucks and more or less means that I may be waiting until the 11/17 opening date for Heavenly...

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Thanksgiving at Mammoth for me.
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Thanks for moving this thread, whoever did so (realized I posted it in the wrong section after I hit "Submit Reply."

AD: since we live in the same region more or less (me in The City, you on the Penninsula) how do you travel to Mammoth with Tioga closed?

I did the Reno way over 4th of July, but only because I had to swing through Truckee to snag my gear. I dunno if I really want to drive 6+ to Mammoth when I can get to Tahoe in 3...(I loved cranking home in 4 hours via Yosemite over the 4th, but realize that won't be the case for most of the season).

I may be relegated to only skiing Mammoth in the Spring...
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Pretty good chance I'll be around regardless of what's open at Mammy opening weekend. We'll see...too many unknowns/whatifs at this point to say for sure.
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^true, true.

i'm just starting to jones after reading all the Loveland/A-Basin posts...
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Dookey, with Tioga pass closed, your best option is Hwy 50 to South Lake Tahoe, taking the Pioneer Trail short cut, then Kingsbury Grade (SR 207) over to Minden / Gardnerville to hook up with 395. Do not go all the way to Reno on I-80. You can take 88 over Carson Pass, to Minden, but I don't consider that a time-saver. Note that 89 is usually closed past Markleyville (Monitor Pass).

And I'll repeat, if Tioga Pass is open, its not worth going.

(I moved it)
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Dookey: I haven't done it with the pass closed, but I was planning on what Cirquerider said for going there, probably going home via North Lake to drop our gear at the cabin and/or in our locker at Alpine.
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thanks for the tips.

i've only gone the Reno route and the TP route, so i appreciate the alternate S.Lake route.

i'mma play it by ear, but the jones is getting stronger...
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Tell you what... you guys go skiing on the 9th, and I'll contemplate Mammoth for you ... from my desk.
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we don't even have snow yet in japan. What you contemplating?
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contemplating skiing, naturally!

Hey, just watched the new Warren Miller Off The Grid flick this week and they filmed some snowball competition in Japan. They make these crazy "regulation" snowballs and then the teams go at it much in the same way that professional paintballers battle one another. Was pretty zany.
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Yeah, the japanese are great at whipping up strange competitions like that. There's also the log slide. 20-30 guys straddle a huge tree and ride it down a muddy hill. People break all sorts of goodies. The snowball thing sounds fun, the log ride looks horrifying.

Go to mammoth.
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