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Kids Helmets - Wear hat or not????

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Okay, I have never worn a brain bucket while skiing, but I am starting my 4 year old this year and she will definitely be wearing one. As I had never given thought to it, or paid attention to kids wearing helmets, do the kids wear hats under the helmets? I want to ensure my daughter is comfortable, but as we will ski in quebec in temperatures down to -25F (approx -15C), will she need a hat under the helmet? If so, are there any hats made specifically to be worn under the helmets????

I know, -25???, what kind of 4 year old stays out in that temp??? Well, mine does. She tobogans & plays in the snow for hours in those temperatures. She just isn't bothered by it. It isn't that cold all the time, but we do have our share of nasty weather.
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I would avoid a bulky hat under the helmet. If it is sub zero you could opt for a kid's balaclava like this

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No Hat

Wearing a hat is a bad idea under a helmet as it reduces the effectiveness of the helmet. Ie: You must buy a too big helmet to fit the hat under.

The solution is to buy a thin fleece balaclava for under the helmet. They are quite thin and snug fitting to the head. They do not bunch up in the helmet and can generally be worn under the same size helmet.

Our three girls and myself all have this set-up.

The bonus is that it is warmer than any hat. Including skiing at -40 celcius at Mont-Comi, PQ
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get a warmer helmet and make sure its one that fits without any hat underneath. Hats under a helmet is just one more thing that could be bunched up on 4 year old.

also hat under a helmet screams "gaper parent"

edit the balvaca are a really good idea as the 2 other have said
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Thanks guys, exactly what I needed as advice. I would have ended up buying a helmet way too big. The Balaclava makes sense.
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There a many types of Balaclavas. I wear on that is thin overall. Turtlefur makes one that is thin over the head and ears so it fits inside the helmet and has a Turtlefur neck warmer. (I have one for really cold days.)


The pink print beanie would be cute on a little girl!
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a bit OT, but....have you considered how she will react to wearing a helmet if you don't?
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No hat under helmet! Helmet with balakava as others have stated.
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Originally Posted by icanseeformiles(andmiles) View Post
a bit OT, but....have you considered how she will react to wearing a helmet if you don't?
I will probably end up getting one for myself as well, since some of the parks around here require a helmet. However, since I will know how comfortable/uncomfortable it feels, I will be able to work out my own issues. I was just wondering what people had done to ensure their kids comfort, since it can be very difficult to determine whether they are comfortable or not under that bulk of clothes. I could have stuffed a potato sack under my daughter's helmet and she would have said, "I'm comfy dad, let's go skiing!"
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My kids (and my wife and I) use balacavas by Serius when it's too windy. The ones we have are thin, but they may make heavier ones too.

Look for a helmet with adjustable venting, even if it's just plugs to fit the air holes. Foam is a pretty good insulator, after all.
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What everyone else said : No hat. Actualy the helmet will keep her skull warm anyway. What you want is to protect the lower part of her face. So a (thin) balacava is fine, or a thin neck warmer she will pull over her shin and mouth. Or something like that

(motorcycle neck warmer)
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
also hat under a helmet screams "gaper parent"
Unless of course it is a fox hat.:
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No hat for sure. Balaclalva for very cold days. Neck warmer for medium cold days, as you do not want them to overheat!
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A balaclava is great. I have 3 which range is warmth from light to heavy duty ... and I ski in Quebec also so they're good in the coldest weather. A helmet with removable vents is a good idea also.

And I strongly encourage you to consider a helmet for yourself. Skied for years without one myself and then joined the patrol which encourages them (a lot). It was truly the best $70.00 I have spent on gear.
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helmets all around

I remember my supervisor asking me not to where my Boeri, because the helmet would "scare the students". Now if I don't wear my helmet the students ask me why I don't wear one. Amazing how tipping points happen.

I believe you probably have your child's headwear answer. However, you breached the subject of wearing one yourself. That is the best thing you could do for your 4 year old, and perhaps for yourself. About 8 years back a parent asked me to tell her kids how important it is to wear a helmet. I did as she asked. Then shared with her the importance that parents be the role models, rather than a random instructor walking into the lodge.

Slide well,
Jon L
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I never had trouble getting my kids to wear helmets when I didn't. I wear one now, but there were a few years that they did and I didn't.

We made it a rite of passage, so to speak. I wasn't too concerned about their wearing helmets on the Magic Carpet, so we promised them that as soon as they graduated to the chairlift, they would get their helmets. Worked like a charm.

Plus, I think kids today are desensitized to helmets. They have been wearing them since they could ride tricycles, practically. I don't know, maybe persuading them to wear a helmet is a problem with some, but I've never seen it with any of the kids I know.

Thin balaclavas work great when it's particularly cold.
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Wearing a helmet will be like putting on the skis....it's just part of the gear.

No hat. The Ba-va doesn't need to be particularly thick or fleece. the kid's head will be plenty warm under the helmet.

Biggest thing is to make sure you get a helmet that fits.
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Glad you are considering a helmet for yourself. It is a little incongruous to protect your child's brain and not protect you own.
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No hat, I have worn a helmet for 12 years. Be careful unless it is very cold they will be to hot with anything undrneath. Storm days I am comfortable but usually hot.
Also let your daughter put some stickers (go to the local ski shop and see if they have any) on the helmet. She will make it hers and wear it proudly.
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helmet fit

A suggestion on comfort....take a little extra time when you purchase the helmet for the kid. They're kinda like ski boots, take your time when checking the fit. Different brands have different shapes. Some are rounder inside and some are more oblong. You want to make sure the fit is good long before you get to the mountain. Check all the available brands in the store. My kids have been wearing helmets since they started about four years ago. The helmets keep your head pretty warm. Warmer than any hat I've owned. My helmet is a crappy Jofa 2500 that I bought 10 years ago but it's durable and fits my head. The last "helmetless" hold out was my wife and she just got a lid last year. Her's is very comfy looking and seems to have good ventilation. Set the good example and get one yourself.
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Helmet with balaclava is a huge hit! We call it her bug hat! She's been on skis 4 times now in the last 15 days and wants me to keep her home from daycare again this Friday and take a day off from work to ski with her. How can I say no to that? I have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of skiing in my life, but nothing is even close to the last 4 times out with my 4 year old daughter.

I am getting to experience skiing though a kids eyes again and I had forgotten what pure excitement is all about. Next winter I'll have my son on skis as well and I am pretty sure none of our non-skiing friends will be seeing us all winter.
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Great stuff! My two both have balaclavas by Bula under their helmets. I felt bad about skiing without a helmet last year, but I couldn't find anything to fit my fat head. In the autumn I finally found one that would fit, and its even pretty cool too - Rossignol Toxic in size 62cm. Once I'd swapped out the thick (8mm?) padding strips for the thin ones provided (4mm?) it fits like a glove. Warmer than any of the hats I've used, and my head never gets itchy-scratchy like it did in a hat. Wonderful investment!
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