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Wide Atomic Boots

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I have a pair of Atomic Race:9 boots (silver/red) from a 2-3 years back that I'm trying to replace. They were built on a wide high instep last that was a good fit for me. This year's Atomics don't offer this wide/high fit in race or stiff all-mountain boots. Here's my question. Last yesr they had a all-mountain model called the M:11 which I understand was wide. Does anyone know if the M:11 was:
1) as wide and high as the old (2004? 2005?) Atomic Race:9s? Even the same last?
2) as stiff, or preferrably stiffer, than the Atomic Race:9s?

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Is there any reason why you need to have atomics?
Wouldn't it be better to go to a bootfitter and get them to sort you out with the best fit?
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I dunno about high...

...I think that's mostly a function of your custom footbeds and how your bootfitter customizes the shell, liner, and so forth. I'm also not sure what you mean by "wide." Here's my situation: I really wanted a pair of the Atomic RaceTech TIs...but for my size 10 1/2 C/D width foot, no way without a ton of customizing. Last year, Atomic came out with the RaceTech CS...great boot, and the forefoot is 99 mm. as opposed to something like 95 or 96 for the TI.

Understand, the CS is still a race boot...I got the 130 flex, but it's still beefy...and I had new custom footbeds made and it took about 6 hours of custom work to get it to fit...which it does...just barely. And it ain't warm, either, but it's a great skiing boot, if that's what you're looking for...
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This years M110 will get you 95% or more of the performance of the race tech cs 130 series, and maybe more than the 100 cs, but with more room in the toe box. 99mm versus 102mm. Atomic has made a number of improvements in their boots since yours was made. As I remember the race 9 was a step or two down from the top of the liine right? If so I wouldn't hesitate to try on either the 130 cs or the m110 from a performance perspective. Later, RicB.
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