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Ski or No Ski

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This is a topic I have debated over for a while with some of my ski buddies, male and female and now I would like to pose it to the forum:
Would you rather date a person that doesn't ski, so you can teach them from the ground up or someone that has skied before and may take some work so they can rip the back bowls with you? Of course the best answer is that you meet that someone while ripping the back bowls, but this is not a perfect world.
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A girl that already skis decent because I have no idea how to teach someone to ski.

I learned from my Dad and its taken five years to unlearn all those bad habits, stemming to start my turns, overrotating my upper body, violent weighting and unweighting of the skis....
the list goes on.

Ive unlearned them for myself and replaced them with better habits but I would think twice about offering ski advice to someone else.
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