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new ski suggestions?

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking to buy some skis this season, and I was hoping for some advice.

About me:
I'm 6'2", 195lbs. I've been skiing since I was 6 or so, but not very often. I consider my self a mid-high intermediate. Basically, I can handle most east-coast stuff, but my form really starts to fall apart on the double blacks.

For the last couple years I've been using some old 190 rossignol straight skis, probably from the mid 80's or so. Anything will be an improvement.

In general, I stick the groomed slopes, with some occassional bumps. I see a lot more ice than powder. When the trail allows it, I go fast. I'm a bit of a speed demon. But I'd like to do more bumps and trees and work on my form.

The skis:
I want to start skiing a lot more, so I'm buying some decent skis. I've been looking at the Fischer AMC 76, RX6, and RX9. All in a 175 length. I want to spend about $500-$600 for skis and bindings. Last year's models are fine.

Can anyone describe the differences in these skis for me? Do you think the rx9's are too much? Are the AMC's too slow?

Thanks in advance!
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You are in for a treat compared to the old style Rossis, the new skis will initiate turns much easier once you learn how to use them. There are some adaptations you should make in your technique, so strongly recommend you consider taking a lesson with the objective of learning how to use these shaped skis, and don't be in too big of a hurry to push them into very difficult terrain. Once you understand how they work, you will find control is easier under all conditions. I think most of these skis have been reviewed. The search feature works pretty well.

Add the Volkl Five Star to your list. Its a fairly forgiving ski and is in the same class; maybe a bit better at speed. Don't necessarily dismiss going as short as 168. There is a lot more stability and power in modern skis, and length doesn't help you until you want to really build speed. Welcome to EpicSki, hang around a bit. It should be interesting to hear how your season goes.
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I also think you'll like the 5*, and agree with Cirque about not dismissing the 168cm.

If you can get a chance to demo the new stuff before you buy, definitely do it. It also doesn't hurt to get a quick 'brush-up' lesson while you're at it....there are tricks to getting the most out of the new skis and an instructor can help you out there in about an hour.

Good luck on your purches!
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The RX-6 would be a good choice and the RX-9 is not way out of line but it for sure is more ski than you need. The AMC 76 is pretty good on harder snow, but is on the wide side for your conditions. If you were to choose an AMC model, 170 would be the proper size.

A couple of other skis that are fine choices are the Atomic Izor 9.7, and the Nordica SUV 12.1. I personally prefer the SUV 12 over the Volkl 5* because it has a smoother feel without being too damp.

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