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I rollerblade now and then, not a lot, but I haven't ice skated in about 20 years. I put my 5yo son in some 1/2 hr ice-skating lessons for fun and also as cross-training for skiing. I bought a used pair of hockey skates for $25 so I could skate with him after his lessons. A couple observations after not skating for 20 years.

Every ski on those shortie learning skis? We clinic on them now and then. If you are an advanced skier and you've gotten up to speed on them, you know about the oscillating wobble you get on them. I guess it's from you auto-neuro-feedback system overcontrolling because it's used to a much longer sliding implement. Well I got that on skates. I know it goes away as you adapt to the different ski/skate. Prabably take a while.

Second, I can turn, and particularly stop, much much better to the left than the right; just like my skiing (everyone has a good side and a weaker side). It was an even greater difference on skates. What's interesting is the rink flow is counter-clockwise, a left turn. I learned to skate at rink when I was a kid several years before I learned to ski. I wonder if that reenforced my natural ability to turn better to the left. I wish the rink would reference every once in a while to practice more right turns.