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I have a Marmot shell jacket, and I want to pick up a fleece to zip into it. I tried on the Kaba (I think) today and was not very imressed with it. The pit zips make it uncomfortable.

I may want to go with a brand other than Marmot for the fleece, but I'm guessing only Marmot stuff can zip into Marmot shells?
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I don't know about other brands, but my wife also bought a Marmot zip in, and she hates it for the exact same reason as you. It becomes bulky and uncomfortable.
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I have a North Face Mountain jacket and picked up the vest liner at a sale a few years back -used the vest twice then canned it for the same reasons too bulky and uncomfortable - picked up a Marmot softshell which is quite close fitting and stretchy (but does not zip in) and its worked out fine as a liner - couple of weeks ago Ibex was running a factory tent sale in Woodstock, VT I picked up a wool loden jacket ($75) which I think will make a terrific liner.
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I might look into a Marmot softshell instead, although I don't know that it would be as warm as a fleece.

I tried on a Marmot rain jacket while I was in the store and it had the exact same problem as the fleece. Makes you wonder why they do it.
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fleece vs soft shell

personnally i really like marmot ( and north face, et al) shells with pitzips and fleece underneath with pit zips. they are very versatile both for skiing and hiking. the soft shells are very tight in the upper pect-ant delt area and the arms and are neither wind-proof when its cold nor breathable when its warm.imho
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Llbean makes some reasonable fleece products that I have used as zip-in liners.
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I really like Marmot stuff too, just not the stuff I tried on in the store. Maybe they become more comfortable as they wear in a little bit.
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The reason the zip ins feel bulky is that they are. The manufacturers make these jackets for convenience not so much performance. Get the mid-layer and zip it up, the put the shell on. You want the mid-layer to move with your body not the shell.
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What are the midlayers if not fleece? They aren't designed specifically to be used as a zip-in, it's just something that can be done.
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Just get any fleece and wear it without zipping it in. I have a Marmot shell and wear a Patagonia fleece a lot of the time. Works for me.
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This is sweet. I work softgoods in a shop so we actually had the rep talk to us about this just last week.

The reason they put the zip-in zippers in their jackets is consumer demand. To make the jacket do waht it's supposed to do better, and stay warmer, just zip a fleece under the zipped shell. Warmth is all about dead air spaces, and htis method creates more of them.

That said, if you do want to zip in a fleece (convenience, etc) most any from any company willl work. The rep told us the type of zipper it was, but I can't recall it now. Maybe a Y2 or something, if that's even how zippers are labeled? But basically anything from any of their competitors should zip in with ease.
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Marmot uses YKK zippers from what I've seen.
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