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good shops to demo skis in/around Frisco & Breck

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Can some of you familiar with the shops in and around Frisco and Breck give me a couple good places to go to demo skis? I am looking for reasonable prices and wide variety of equipment with KNOWLEDGABLE sales staff. I think that's the key- I want the people to actually know something, not just trying to sell me a ski.

I originally though I could pick a ski online and order it, but there are too many and I want to feel it, so I am going to have to make a 2 day trip out there in December to find out what exactly I want. My plan is to find out what I want, and then order it online. Would this be wise, or would the shop take my demo money and put it towards a ski purchase, and would that make it more economical to buy at the shop? Any input is greatly appreciated as I am treading in uncharted territory.
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I went to Breck last year for 5 days, looking to demo skis and then buy. (Bro in law (wealthy!) bought new ski in ski out house off snowflake lift) So I will be going there yearly. Lots of people on this forum pointed me to various places in Breck, can't remember one name. But I found them all on the internet. All were on main street. I demo'd the Atomic M10's, Hot Rod Nitrous, Volkl 5 stars, K2's and Dynastar 8000 and 4000 something. All shops were very easy to deal with and knowledgeable. Skis were about $40 to rent daily, change at end of ski day. Some would let you change at lunch if you wanted. All would put rental cost toward ski purchase. However, ski purchase price was very high, in general.

But I got out of it the ski I wanted, bought them in May for a great price on Ebay (M10 with lower weight Neox binding $375), all worked out. I can also say that the mantra of demo, demo, demo, preached hear before purchase is very true, as there was for sure differences between the skis that even a rusty skier like me was able to detect and choose the ones that were better for me.

Good luck
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A Racer's Edge in Breck.

Although I didn't demo, they had Vist skis, Movement skis, Volkls and others. I wish I had demoe'd, because the Vist skis and Movement skis looked intriguing.
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I can't help you with a shop at Breck but you might want to demo at a smaller mountain. Try to find a demo shop on a mountain that will allow you to ski a variety of terrain in a small amount of time. Last March, I was able to try 5 pair of skis in one day on a variety of terrain and snow conditions. For one pair I only needed one short run to know I didn't like it; the other skis all got three runs. Then I finished the afternoon on my favorite to confirm my selection.

I selected Atomic Metron 11 and was able to find it online at about half price.

Good Luck!
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I don't know what Breck offers, but Beaver Creek has a shop at the base and an all-day demo I believe lets you change skis at least 3 times.

Breck may have something similar at one of their base shops, so you might check on that.
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