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spyder skiwear

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i have been searching long and hard but cannot find any websites or catalogs that sell spyder gear if anyone knows of any please tell :
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This site sometimes has Spyder products on it, but not a lot.

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i have been to spyder.com but they do not retail their own product i am looking for retail thanks for the hint though all help apperciated
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reliable racing. www.reliableracing.com

for free catalog. good prices. rossignol ski pants for $120. good deal, man0

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errr, and they carry Spyder. heh.

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Try Michael Pratte Racing

Canadian outfit, I think. Haven't actually ordered from them, but do get their catalog. Kinda hard web site to navigate, can be a slow loader...
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It's last season's site but I've got this season's catalog and they carry some pretty cool Spyder garb...
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You know.. those descriptions in the printed race catalogs hardly ever describe any features on anything..
like on some Rossignol pants: "compliments Rossignol Race X jacket, but basic black goes with everything. 40g of insulation."
well, yeah.. does it have side zips? re-inforcement? pockets? but it compliments the jacket, so i guess that's all that we need, right? haha

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The Race Werks guys are pretty good about listing features in the new cat. You should give em a shot. Not just race gear either..
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www.peterglenn.com or call @ 954-484-3606 Largest spyder dealer in the US (or at least they were last year). if they don't have what you want in stock they can order it. Just call early since Spyder sells out pretty quick. Good Luck!
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