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EU Resort Jobs and Visas

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This is kind of an extention of okolepoa's post but I wanted to know what anyone had to say as far as experiences working in European Ski resorts. I am 22 and really want to spend next winter skiing in the alps. It seems like there are plenty of jobs to be had but the trouble is getting a visa or work authorization. Have any American Barking Bears spent a season in Europe? I usually like to set up a job and place to stay before heading out for the winter but this seems difficult in Europe. I have traveled extensively in Germany and Austria so I was thinking about just going and finding a job under the table or something but I just wanted to hear from others who might have done this sort of thing before.
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bmordski, if you are wanting to get a job, you'll need to have a work visa. After that, there are plenty of companies who are looking for staff. They tend to recruit May-September.
Check out www.natives.co.uk which is a recruitment site for resort workers.
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Aside from what WTFH recommended two more options:

Contact the resorts directly and let them hook you up with contacts according to the field you like to work in. Also, ask this over at TRG - quite a few maggots did it in the past and will spend the upcoming season in the Alps. Pretty sure they could come up with more suggestions, especially regarding work permits ect.
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The Armed Forces Recreation Centers (AFRC) may be a way to go. They have one in Garmisch. Google Edelweiss Lodge in Garmisch and they have an employment link. Since it is a US facility you may be able to shortcut the process for this season. A friends daughter worked there for several seasons and had a great time. Good luck!
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