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Which Binding?

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I'm probally picking up a pair of new Volkl AC4's either this week or next week. I wanted to hear some opinions about which binding I should go with either the iPT 12 or iPT14. My normal DIN is 8.5 and the highest DIN I will put them at is 11.
Is the iPT12 (4-12 adjustment) going to have too much pressure on the binding springs set at 11?
Is the iPT14 (6-14 adjustment) not going to have enough pressure on the binding springs set at 8.5?
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There's been a few heated discussions about this before that you can search and read. Some people will strongly believe a DIN 12 binding is not enough to set to 11, others strongly believe that it is just fine. 8.5 is definately fine on both bindings. What are your reasons for an occasional 2.5 din change?

I'd never discourage the purchase of nicer bindings (as long as your din falls in the range which yours does), but you're also probably just fine on the cheaper pair. More important things to evaluate are probably price and elasticity differences.
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The increase has to do with moguls and junky snow. If I know the skis are going to be bounced and knocked around hard then I would like to increase my DIN. When everything is nice and groomed up I ski them at the suggested DIN of 8.5. I was just worried that an 8.5 DIN setting would be too low on a binding with a DIN range of 6-14
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If the housings of the two bindings is the same, the 12 will be fine. If the 14 is a beefier housing, step up.
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