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Need info on some ski's!

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I just started skiing seriously last season. Before hand I would go once or twice a year and rent. This last fall, I bought a pair of older ski's from a store owner/friend. By no means did I do any research. I merely trusted a friend who had an older pair of ski's that he no longer used.

I purchased for 300 bucks a pair of K2 enemies, Nordica N9 boots, and bindings. I really enjoy skiing on the Enemies, but they seemed to lack the ability to go everywhere on the mountain. So just a few moments ago I purchased some K2 Apache Blackhawks (the Blackhawks are just like the X's but w/ diff. graphics).

My question however, is on a pair of ski's another friend gave me. My other friend used to ski pretty heavily, but now has back problems and reached the point in skiing where it was no longer fun. The last pair of ski's he had were K2 X14 in 190 Cm.

What should I know about these ski's? They are in good condition, but I have never skiied on them. I don't really plan on skiing them that much, as I have 2 other pairs that I will be using. The X14's will really just be loaner ski's to my brother (unless my g/f is not along, then he can use the enemies).

Any information is apperciated!

Anyone from montana feel free to PM me w/ your AIM or MSN and we can chat it up!!!
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Guess I will wait a little longer=)
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Do you mean Public Enemies? Not really sure what you're asking either, but just about any newer skis will definately be nicer, I'm assuming they're old, straight and skinny? Use 'em as rock skis, or turn them into furniture
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I am asking about the X14's. I have no about them. Just a run down of spec's/thoughts on them would be great!

No questions on the Enemies (they are PRE public enemies) just giving a bit of background.

I am about 160 lbs and the X14's are like 190's...too much ski for me?
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about 97-98

Don't remember the dates, but the X-14 and X-15 were really good and popular skis in their day (98-2000 maybe). Were early shaped (probably in the 99-65-88 range) and also were the first skis with K2's piezo electric fibers (but didn't yet have the blinking light) that helped dampen vibration (patent later purchased by Head and used in their skis and their rackets, etc).

Even for that day, 190cm sounds pretty long. I remember it as being skied shorter than that. If fact, I believe that on one of his instructional tapes Lito Tejada Flores is sking on X-14's (or Merlin IV, which I think came just before the X-14). I think the Mod X and Mod X pro were the replacements for the X-14/X-15.

What should you know about them? That skis have improved so dramatically in the past 5-7 years that there is no reason to ski a pair of skis that old, no matter how good they may have been when they were sold.
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Are they worth anything? I guess I could keep them around as loaners to my friends/brother?

Would it just be better to sell them for whatever they are worth (if anything) and put that towards some new boots?

Also on the new ski's I bought 160's. I weight about 145-150 lbs and I am 5' 10". I asked advice of friends who ski and a store owners. They thought that 160's should be ok.

Did I make a mistake?
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Just MHO....

I wouldn't worry about picking up any other skis yet (and those x14s sound WAAAAY too long!!).

Take your hard earned $$, go to a reputable ski shop with a great boot fitter, and GET NEW BOOTS!!! Read all the other boot fitting threads and FAQs, and spend tons of time looking for boots that fit! Make sure they measure and shell fit you. If not, run away!

If your boots don't fit and aren't suitable for you, the best, most modern skis in the world won't help you. Ski in your new boots for a year, and buy skis next year.
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Well the damage is already done with the ski's. I won them in a poker game (obviously not in a casino or real card room). I was playing a home game and got in a rather heated pot and the guy I was playing with was a local store owner here. He put up 300 bucks worth of merchandise at his shop in the pot.

He does not do specfic boot fits, instead he just finds your foot size and then that's it. So I decided it was better to grab some brand new ski's=)

However, I hope to hit a real good run of cards in some legal casino's to pay for some new boots before November.
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For your weight I would think a ski about 170cm would be a lot closer to the mark, oh, and dump the boots he gave you, or get rid of them on the poker table.
You'd be better to rent skis and spend the money on new boots than anything else.
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What can I expect to pay for a good pair of fitted boots? I'd probably be willing to go out and buy new ones w/ my next paycheck if they aren't something outrageous.
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