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Breckenridge in Dec.

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A group of our friends are planning a ski trip for Dec. 17-21 at Breckenridge. Only 3 days of skiing which stinks, but hey it's time on the snow. We usually go to Little & Big Cottonwood Canyons, Utah so we have skiied some extreme terrain, being spoiled by snow.

Snow is the only concern. What will the base be at Breck during these dates? My dad and I are both advanced skiiers and we ski a lot of blacks/double-blacks. Will the expert terrain be open at this time with enough snow? I hate to travel all the way out there to be stuck on-piste the whole time.

Basically, will the expert terrain be open then with enough snow?

Feedback is very very much appreciated- we have to make a decision soon.
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It totally depends on the storm path. Mid-December is early for CO resorts to have all of their terrain open, but it does happen, and not that infrequently.

Snow coverage of the Summit county resorts can be variable, which means that you can sometimes go to another resort for better coverage. Copper is ~15 miles from Breck, and Vail ~35. Both have public transport to them.

Keystone is only ~15, but tends to have less snow that Breck/Copper and more people.

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Thanks...I figure more than likely that they won't be 100% open. Unfortunately, the trip is a package, so we have Breck lift tickets...but they could just be wasted and we could go somewhere else.

I think we have decided not to go on the trip for this particular reason. We have spring break March 10-17, which typically tends to be a great time to go skiing (I know in UT, March is one of the biggest snow months). We might do another little trip somewhere too, but March is a guarentee, Dec. not.
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yep, thats a little early if you want to only ski expert terrian. it all depends on the weather. ive been there around that time several times and its been 50/50 that they have peak 10-the most difficult - open.
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There's some interesting stuff on last season at Breck here:
Imperial Express opened by 12/4 and the Lake Chutes (the most extreme terrain at Breck) opened by 12/26. But bear in mind that last season was better than average...
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I would go with your January trip to WP over Breck. January is the month that most Colorado resorts pack it on big time.
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