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Ski the Beav, Get a Lesson...

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We get e-mails.

Here's one recently received:

"I'm at Beav in Rose Bowl, ripping down Spyder, past this group standing together. 'Lotsa standing around here,' I say, as I rip by. They all take off in pursuit and one guy catches up to me at The Web, towards the bottom of Spyder and gets all over me about popping off. I went into my 'What? Me?' act, took the abuse, and skied off, laughing.

An hour or so later, still feeling like King of the World, I fall, on Ripsaw. I fall back and hear a POP. As I'm going down I'm scared as hell. I've fallen back and have heard something, in the back of my knee. Then I'm pissed as hell. A dork goes over on the chairlift, laughing at my fall. (Way bad karma on him.)

So I'm laying there thinking not only is ski season over, my ski career is over. I've taken a few hard falls and as a skier you know when you've taken one you'd like back. This was one of those.

A few chairs go over - 'You want me to call somebody?' I wave my hand, No, Thanks, and I laid there, said a few prayers, then moved my leg. 'Aarrrrrrgggggh, that hurts. Oh shit, this REALLY hurts.' I finally got up and skied down to the lift shack. I tell the liftie to send for the free ride down. I didn't want to take any chances; if something was broken or torn, I didn't want to do any more damage. I'm in a hole, digging.

Skip ahead to the emergency center at The Beav...
Good news. The doctor says: 'Nothing wrong, no ligament damage. Probably just a sprain.' And sure enough, today the pain is almost gone. Must've re-aggravated something from a prior fall. Should be back in business full-time by next week.

I got a message. It was from the Mountain, this mean, gnarly beast, grabbing me by the knee, saying 'Hey, RichardHead, this is your last warning.'

Never again will I boast about my skills.
Never again will I challenge other skiers.
I will be polite and I will smile more.
I will be humble.
I don't care about anyone else's turns, I will worry about MINE.
I will give the Mountain the respect it deserves.
I'm going to practice my skills more, so I don't get caught behind.
I'm going to practice fallingt more because contrary to what I used to think, falling is part of skiing. Falling correctly will help ensure that I'll be out there, doing what I love, for many years to come.

I'm going to listen to the message."

End e-mail.

[ December 16, 2002, 10:07 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Is this the "Royal" we? Or, who is the other part of the "we?"

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I get e-mails from Complete Strangers.
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Yes, but ryan, you said "we" get e-mails. Who is this "we." Mrs. ryan? Mr. ryan? Mr. multiple personality ryan?

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A wise guy, this stranger, [multiple nod on] very very wise[multiple nod off].
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Could this be the maturation we have long awaited? We shall see.
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