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Buying New Boots: need more ankle flex

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HELP. Just spent 2 hours reading all the flex,lean,backpedal etc. posts. I better understand fore/aft balance etc. but am still confused. Have tried on about 10 differ boots. Like Technica Diablo Gama and Atomic B100. I'm 64yr, 5'11,193, sstrong skier (40yrs). I need more ankle flex in my skiing. If a moderator reads this and you can also put this in Bergerons threads ok but I am also interested in hearing from reg folks. When reading other posts I noticed Verdugan and RJP are on Techncas and would be interested in comments. Main future interest in skiing; off piste, powder. Quiver: Rock skis-Atomic 16, all mt. Atomic B5 162, cruisers and fast groomer ski Fischer RX9 170's, off piste Bro 179 soft. Thanks in advance for help. Oh year I'm somewhere between advanced and low expert in skiing proficiency. Depends on the old bones that day.
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I don't think you have to necessarily give up perfomance to get better ankle flex. I have the Nordica Hot Rods and found the flex much better and easier than my former Salomon XWave 8 and Technica TNT; and of course the fit was better. ssh is fitting Aggressors this year, and from what I know of him, he would not be happy in an inflexible boot. What I'm saying is, don't necessarily shy away from the the upper end boots because of the perception they are competition oriented. The flex is much more carefully engineered in these boots with varying grades of plastic and built-in Booster Straps (elastic), that can make flex easier, more progressive and in better alignment (asymetric flex) with your needs.

What are your current boots? What do you like about them, or dislike? Do you have an AT boot like Asrenalin?
Also, would be glad to add a question to the Bergeron thread for you, but it would need to be formatted and you will need to include some fitting facts for your feet (size, width, instep issues). If that is what you want, drop a post in the lounge titled Jeff Bergeron, and PM me. I'll move it in.
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I'm not a boot fitter but having severely broken my right ankle some 30 years ago and having lost about 25% or more in the range of motion of that ankle (and colapsed metatarsals) I've had some experience in dealing with ankle flexion and ski boots. In my experience I've found 1)boot with a fairly upright stance as lots of forward lean flexes my ankle and reduces the range of motion left to me 2) heel lift opens the joint and increases the range of motion of available 3)short cuff.
I've been skiing in Atomic CR10's but the right and left boots are quite different. Besides the normal tweaking to get the boot to fit and custom footbeds -The right boot has been softened, substantial heel lift added and the cuff has been modified to better fit my calf - but after some 25 years of skiing I'm finally getting my moneys worth out of my skis - I'm finally consistently using the whole ski and not just the back half.
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Cirqueride, thanks.

The two boots I have found that fit good and I like:

Technica Diablo Gama size 26 and Atomic B100 size 27 I need to compare flex. I wore TNT's for years and then broke the tongue off and had to go get boots that AM and ended up with Atomic AFT. They have a much more upright stance which I had a heck of a time getting used to but I think the more upright stance made me a better skier. I've just packed them out about 3 times. They're 27 and probably should be in a 26 with smaller shell size. Anyway what do you think? I'm size 9, pretty average med width feet with no real irregularities. Thanks
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The Krypton is the best for ankle flex, simply because the upper cuffs flex point is actually where your ankle flexes!
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pete: 9 shoe I think you would be a 26 boot.

shell fit is ??? on the boots 1 cm for a high end fit
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i just got a pair of kryptons ---havent skied yet----but the flex is way better than my lange 120 and less forward lean
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...cuffs, forward lean, and circulation...

Getting the forward lean matched up with my being in balance is a must.
Maintaining proper circulation through relaxation techniques, warmth, and prevention from perspiration...are also high items on the list.
Getting a really snug cuff fit can be ~70% of the battle for me...as that's what translates into shell pressure.
Often...a little lower cuff is a little easier to find a snug cuff fit...maybe not the ultimate..as you need to judge the amount of cuff and its stiffness/softness towards its responsiveness, but "easier" is sure better than spending your whole season shopping...not skiing;-)
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I strongly second Phil on the Kryptons. You can adjust the forward lean and the flex. They are by far the most comfortable skiing high performance boot I have ever been in, and I ski everything.
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Pete, FYI, you got a reply in Jeff Bergeron's answer thread.
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