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do volkls bend?

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hi i have a intrest in buying the 05/06 volkl five star. Are these skis prone to bending? i searched for this but came up with mixed anwsers
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They will bend if stuffed.


Metal also=solid edge grip and smooth ride.
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Do you mean bend and then staying bent after?? The wood sandwich with layers of metal don't often stay bent like older metal skiis used to. At least not nearly as often . I have heard of racers and others bending some of the new skis a bit . It is a pretty rare occurance.Like whiteroom says if you slam them into a mogul trough with a lot of forward force you can ruin any ski.

All skis bend when flexed.
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FWIW, I have stuffed my 6-stars into an abrupt stop on a log hidden under the snow. I felt bent but the skis weren't damaged. If you actually do something major enough to bend those skis, you will probably be glad something gave besides your leg. Its certainly possible, but not likely. I think the sandwich skis like Mantra are a bit more fragile in that regard.
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You're fine. The 0506 5 Star doesn't have a scrap of metal in it aside from the edges.
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My 6* took some fairly serious head-ons and like CR, I felt bent but the ski never did. And a non-issue for the 5*, like the man sez.
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You mean like this.

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I demoed a pair of GS Racetigers this summer and they lasted about 5 runs before I flew out of the course and went down; one of the skis didn't survive the crash. I didn't like them anyways...
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