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Shes still got it !

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Warning: personal rant about a wonderful days skiing written for those who like a nice storey. For those who don't, too bad, not my problem, don't read on.

Well I just have to tell you all about my recent day trip skiing with my mum. The wonderful, vivacious, lively, colourful, loving woman who taught me many important things in life, one of which was how to ski. At the young age of 4 I used to snow plow behind her, ski inbetween her legs, laugh, cry and be dragged around the mountain wanting to be as good as her ( not that I have a competitive edge or anything ).

Then after not skiing for 15 years I made it back to the slopes in a shameful display of advanced slow plow technique with my Mum egging me on all the way to improve my skills. Spent the next 5 years or so skiing a day here and there and not really improving a great deal.

Anyway ( sorry I'm babbling )after spending the last 3 years in the US and managing to ski 20-30 days a season on some wonderful mtns in Tahoe, Colorado and Canada I felt I'd now developed the ability to keep up with that admirable woman commonly known as my Mum.

After returning to Oz at the start of the ski season, I finally found time to spend with my Mum and for the first time in about 8 years I shared a marvelous day with my mother, our skis, the mountain, something resembling snow and lots of ice. ahhhh the ice, I'd forgotten what skiing on sheets of ice was like. hmmm

Of course I had prepared my mother, who at a young
58 or so was preaching that this was the last ski trip she would ever make and that she was getting too old to do this sort of stuff. yeh right ! As a result of the encourgement and reward of seeing her lovely young daughter ( thats me ! ) ski she had developed a regular exercise routine of walking, golf (yeh more walking), and roller blading, plus a few trips to the gym.

Well it only took a few runs for me to realise, damn shes still got it !!! and OMG she did ! I looked up the mountain to see her gracefully dancing down the slope, her old school skiing technique was still as graceful and pleasing to the eye as ever. She skied over those ice sheets as if they weren't even there.

The most rewarding part of the day was listening to her cries of elation and joy and the beaming smile in the line for the chair....and then finally on the way home I heard this very tired voice next to me say "so when are you taking me skiing again ? "

ahhhh last day for her? I thought not !! She may be getting on, but damn she still got it !!

So there you have it, she still rocks, she's still teaching me so many things, including how to improve my skiing, and best of all what a great way for mother and daughter to be friends again after years apart.

I miss the US, but its nice to ski with my Mum again.

Miss Jane
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A good story.
So, when are you taking her again?

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hmmm I'm stuck in an office for about 100 hours a week or more... so shes doing what any normal person would do....and going without me !!! :
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They make you do all the hard work while they have all the fun!

Well, I won't slag off mothers too much - mine is coming over to visit me tomorrow for the weekend, and bringing some of the things I left in their house when I moved from Ireland 6 months ago. If there's space in the car, she's bringing my golf clubs, if there's still space, she might bring my dad as well...

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58 years old! Wow! Just imagine anyone that old still skiing!

Oh, to be 58 again!
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Hello Jane,

I assume that you are from downunder, NZ or Australia.

Anyway here in the USA, I see lots of skiers in their 70's and even their 80's. In fact I skied with a very fit fellow of 92 this past spring.

So you "mum" isn't too old!!!

The fact that she is inspired to exercise, that's great. Now she needs to up grade her equipment. If she is basically an intermediate skier, then the new soft boots might be an option. As to skis, a pair of 150-160 cm.[depending upon weight, height, and skill level] shaped skis may also be very useful.

With the user friendly equipment, and your mother now commmited to a more vigorous lifestyle, there is no reason that she will not be able to continue skiing for many more seasons to come.

Its a great family sport, and if per chance you have a family of your own now, or in the future, this is great reason to spend time together.
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AWESOME story! tell your Mum that one of the most popular instructors at Sugarloaf is a 75 year old woman!
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To fill in a couple of gaps...
Jane has been a regular here for some time. She used to live in San Fran, but is back home in Oz. She hasn't any kids, or at least hadn't the last time I saw her.

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great story Jane! Tell Mum that 58 is NOT old.
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Great story Jane and good job!
Let your mum know my dad still skis at 73. No need to quit! He got in about 30 days last season. [img]smile.gif[/img] and the season before He actually went to Lito's Breakthrough on skis. Probably one of Lito's oldest students.
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There is hope, then! Perhaps by the time I'm 70, I'll "break out of the intermediate rut" - although I'm hoping that will happen in Utah when I'm only 61.
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ahh yes let me fill in some gaps. after skiing in the US I am well aware of the large number of shall we say mature skiers out there. In fact theres nothing better than having a great yarn on the chair with most. I had conveyed this to my darling mother on numerous occasions, inspiring here non defeatist attitude she took the bait hook,line and sinker !

She is by no means an intermediate skier, she used to race in her Uni days and theres a great picture of her up the top of some mtn in NZ with about 20 guys and her leg in full plaster with her night gown on. brrrrrr... anyway she now has a pin through her ankle. yuk. Shes still using her boots from about 10 years ago, they fit very nicely, and has been renting some demo skis which she just loves ! I think she was on Rossi Vipers last time we went up.

The best part was being able to share the day together and show her that yeh shes still got it. I think she'd been feeling old of late. I blame dad. your only as old and the bloke you feel right ?

She kicked my arse all day, it wasn't until after lunch and a quick power nap in the sun that I managed to out smart her poor thing is a bit slower these days. although she put up a fair fight, it was hysterically funny but I guess you had to be there.

Glad you lot like the storey.

Take care,

Miss Jane
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But was she usin' poles or can she go POLE-FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
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no she wouldn't go pole free.... but she did carry my poles for me ! just like she did when I was a little tacka
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What's with you people? 58 is a loooong way from old. I only started skiing at 54 (I'm now 56 and loving it. Here in Oz you can get half price season tickets (at Perisher) at 65 and $20 season tickets at 70 (I think). I'm into my third season and will get around 30 days up this year, every Friday and most Mondays in August/ September.
I don't think I'll try bump racing though, my knees were not terrific even before I started.
Last season I met a fellow on the lift who was 78 and who had started at 67: said that the only concession he made to his age was to select his position in the crowd before starting a run, i.e. avoid being bunched up with a crowd of loons. He claimed that a crash took longer to recover from.
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I think Oldstart and Janes Mum otta hook up.

Hi Oldstart!
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Ignore Kima, she's always trying to match people up!
Welcome on board, and remember the addage: "You're only as old as the woman you feel".
Hope you're having a great season.

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Kuddos to you and your mum Jane. What a pleasure and a privlegeg to read and participate in this thread!
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Originally posted by Oldstart:
[QB]What's with you people? 58 is a loooong way from old. /QB]
I agree. I started at 58, am now 65 and skiing better every year. Just back from W/B where I did a 5 week Dempsey program including bumps, couloirs and steeps. My coaches back in Oz are fairly complimentary about my improvement this year.

The point of this is not to toot my own horn but to agree with others that Jane's mum can and should continue to ski and to improve. I beleive the secret is to have lots of lessons and make sure your gear is relatively new.

Tell your Mum to get rid of those old boots and to get some new short carvers and there will be many happy ski years to come. I've gone down from 198cm to 175cm by 10cm increments and think my current skis are far more versatile than their predecessors.
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When I was thirty and forty there were a thousand skiers my age skiing in our area. Now that I'm seventy there are a couple of dozen of us.

Where are the other 976? You see, only a fraction of the skiers will ski at our age. That's why the hallabaloo, no one says anything about the usual, only the unusual.

As I mentioned in another thread, the old folks still skiing for the most part are former instructors or racers along with some life-long active skiers.

What do we have in common? Each of us has skied for over fifty years and skiing is so natural and easy for us that we rarely think about it, we just ski.

For many of us it is much harder to walk than to ski. So my take on this is that for those of us who have skied practically all our lives, keeping it up to ripe old age is not hard, though we take no risks because a serious injury to someone over seventy can end their skiing forever, not a good thought.

I don't want to discourage skiers who started late in life, some advance quite rapidly, but bumps, crud and G-forces are not kind to our old bones. I think that anyone who is an upper intermediate at age 60 has a long skiing life ahead of them and the new equipment will probably extend the skiing age by five years.

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Killer story,

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