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What length Gotama?

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I am finally looking at replacing my trusty Bandit xxx this year with the Gotama or similar. I'd like to hear from anyone who has skied the 2007 gotama or other similar skis in the Fat twin catagory at 95mm+ in the waist.

I am 5'10" and 165lb-Colorado season pass holder, Ex-racer that does 2-3 days per year at silverton and one cat trip annually. Mostly ski A-basin as my 'home resort'. In addition to my XXX I also ski the Nordica Hot rod TF for days with no new snow. My XXX are a 185cm and the Nordicas are 178cm.

What length should I get?

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Prophet 100

I love my Prophet 100's....they are the best all around, big mountain ski I have ever ridden. I ride them in 186cm, mounted one cm back from midsole...they rock! I am 5'10", 197 lbs. I have ridden the 179, and I am glad that I got the 186. If you like to do huge turns, open bowls, etc....get a 183 Gotama or 186 propjet 100, you will NOT be dissapointed...
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Have you considered the Volkl Mantra?

I'm your size and ski 40-50 days yearly, mostly at Vail & CB.

I picked up 184cm Mantras last year and have been very happy. I've had them in 2-3 feet on East Vail Chutes. While I'm sure the fatter Gotama is a better pure powder ski, I think Mantra is the better choice for 99% of Colorado days where our snow tends to be less deep & get chopped quicker than, say, Utah or Cali.
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