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07 4FRNT MSP's?

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Anyone been on them and can provide feedback as an all mountain TT? Looking at the 171 length.
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No info to offer, but I'm interested in feedback on these skis as well. Prefer a bit longer though.
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All I know is that if they ski as good as they look, im gonna be in for some at the end of the season. What great graphics.
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I have a friend who skis them and really likes them. Only potential issue with them seems to be delam problems, which she had I believe on the same 05' model, but they replaced them with a new 06' model last year. They seem fairly stiff from hand flexing them, so they should be stable on piste in the east. What exactly are you looking to get out of the skis?

I just picked up some 182 cm 06' 4FRNT VCT's in the wrapper at a ski swap, and can't wait to ski them.
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Looking for a new TT for this season. My 1080's are so soft I can't stand it anymore. Demo'd the Nordica Supercharger Ignition and liked it although a bit soft. The Mojo 80 was great and leading the pack right now. I'd prefer the 90, but don't want a 176 for here in the Mid Atlantic.

The MSP comes in 171, feels good and stiff in the shop, but the 25 m radius is scaring me off. Compared to the others I've demoed at 17-19 m radius, I'm afraid these will be like trying to drive a bus through the bumps & trees around here. I have no chance to demo the 4 Frnt's.
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if you're looking for a stiff all mtn. twin these are them.
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Look on TGR and do a search. I've seen several mentions of this ski over there.
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I haven't been on tgr in years...what's the url these days? I tried tgr.com and got nothing.
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Originally Posted by Taylormatt View Post
I haven't been on tgr in years...what's the url these days? I tried tgr.com and got nothing.

I heard that they made some changes from teh 05-06 version (see the 4frnt website)
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Thanks, although a search there didn't really bring up any useful info.
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I have been riding the MSPs for the past two years. I switched over from a softer park ski and can't go back anymore. I have used them in all sorts of conditions at Mammoth. They hold their own on hardpack, but really excell in powder and crud. I haven't had any problems using them for the trees or on a GS course.

The durability problems in the past year or two should be solved now as they switched to a new factory for manufacturing. I skied on the 07MSPs last spring and they do not seem any different from my '04s. If you think the graphics on the 07's look sweet, just wait until '08.
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Thanks for the info guys. I ordered the Mojo 90's yesterday. I've demo'ed them and know/like how they ski. Not being able to demo the 25m 4FRNT just kept putting me off. I think they would be too "big" for Mid Atlantic terrain.
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