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Nordica Beasts 69 TT???

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I just saw a new pair of Nordica Beasts 69 TT for $250.00 in a local store. Just wondering about them. I can't seem to find any real info on them. What level skier are they targeted for?


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The 69TT was last year's model. It is called the Beast 6 TT this year. The 69TT was aimed at advance intermediates and less aggressive advance skiers. It requires Nordica proprietary binding which are hard to come by since Nordica is now partnered with Marker. Be sure the bindings are part of the deal.

Ski magazine gave it a gold in the All-Mountain Cruiser category. Pluses were "Light, smooth, managable turns; highly forgiving" Minuses - "If you get way back, the tail is faily unyielding" Pete Keetly said it does have a definite upper speed limit of 30 MPH.
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Hello Coldfeet,

I bought my wife a pair in 166cm just before Christmas. She has not had a chance to use them yet however.

The integrated binding, Syn-Axis 0412 Synerg ( catchy name eh? appears to be a speedlock model made by VIST. ) attaches to a plate on the ski via 4 L shaped posts, you simply drop it in and turn a screw to lock it in place ( the manual suggests that you then head off to you local ski shop to have them checked ).

The plate has several sets of holes with suggested positions for each boot size with alternative positions for easy or aggressive turns.

For details of VIST bindings including how to adjust them look at VIST's webpage

FWIW I paid $255 including the bindings.

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They do come with the bindings. Would they work for a larger person? I was looking at them as a pair of rock/fun ski in the midwest.

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Sorry for the belated follow-up on the 69TT howeverl I can say that Nordica support is great. The ski-set screw on the VIST plate would not lock into the ski position, so a quick call to Nordica started a warranty process.

The customer support rep said that them to Any Mountain in Saratoga Ave, San Jose and they would fix them, this came as a little bit of a suprise as I have never seen any Nordica ski at Any Mountain.

Jan 20th off I trot to Any Mountain, they DON"T carry Nordica skis ( because of the amount of returns they had according to Kevin, one of the service staff ). They look at the plate and try to open it with a phillips screwdriver NOT a #3 Posidrive thus rounding the screw, they then take the ski around to the back of the story and return a few minutes later plate in hand.

The issue with plate was that the screw is actually a rivet and holds a bar which moves the locking plate, the screw/rivet did not have enough hold on the bar to move the locking plate pass a small dimple which acts as retaining device, thus the screw just keeps turning

So Kevin the service guy says that I have to paid the shipping to send them off to Nordica, if they determine it's a warranty repair they refund the shipping.

$27.50 later I leave the shop, yesterday I received a call, the replacement plates are in at no charge, skis did not leave the shop so I can have a refund.

I have to say if they had been out of warranty I would have been inclinded to use a sledgehammer on the rivet to tighten it up or us a brass drift to push the locking plate shut.

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