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Dustings up High

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Monday, August 18th-6:00AM, saw the first early snows dusting a few of the very high peaks here in Summit County this morning.

The days are definitely getting shorter and there is an anticipation of fall in the air. Soon we will have those cobalt blue sky days of autumn when the brilliant golds and yellows of the aspens stand in contrast to the pines. Copper is about 30 days or so from beginning snow making up high. November 1 is the target for opening.

Golf lessons are quickly fading out for the season and I can start to play for me. Maybe tee it up in a couple year end sectional events. Then put away the toys of summer.

But winter will soon be with us. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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We were very surprised to wake up this morning and see snow on the very tops of the Mountians. Soon very soon.
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It was in the 50's yesterday (Sunday afternoon) up here. At my house (9,400 ft) it was in the 40's last night. First time I've seen my breath in awhile.
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We NEED photos!

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Fox, I had the camera with me all weekend but of course not this morn. I was up at 6:30 and luckily got to see the snow, probably gone by now. It sure felt like fall this weekend though. Lots of activity around Keystone as they get ready for the season. Laying hay, pipes for snow making. Soon we will hear the roar of the machines. Gosh summer is going fast.

Check out http://www.highcountryaerie.com perhaps fellow bear Paul will have gotten up early and will have some photos for us tommorow.
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In SLC this morning it was cool. Not chilly, but cool, high 50's or low 60's. A nice break from the 100 degree plus temps lately. Another month till we see snow on the caps, 2 before we can skin up and slide, 3 and its the lifts...
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Throwing on the Denali vest for the late night stroll, with a crystal clear ski was grrrreate last night :
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I drove up to Snoqualmie WA., this past weekend for the heck of it. It looks so forlorn without its mantle of white. Soon, hopefully,soon.
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You Bastards!

I live in the UK, which is crap for snow
I live in Manchester, which is even crapier for snow

Last winter, we had just 3 days of local, decent snow (Well enough to get the snowboard working on). I was offered the chance of going to the Cairn Gorns in Scotland (Sorry to the Scots if I misspelt it) but thankfully turned it down and then found out that by the time they got up there, it was melted.

Roll on 2 years. I'll hopefully be out of this country and in snow-ier climates

You've upset me now. I'm going to sulk for the rest of the afternoon! :
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It's Cairngorms ... not that it matters
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