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What r good restaurants/bars in park city ?

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i wasnt going to ask, but seeing as there are 3 threads today on park city already; i figured one more wouldnt hurt.

am i would be talking real bars, not dance clubs; and real restaurants where you can get good old american food and a beer or marguarita and not have to worry about having ski cap hair before going.
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I think there is an old thread on this if you can find it. A couple that come to mind: We really liked the No Name Saloon on main street. Basically a pub grub place but GREAT Buffalo burgers. Prices were reasonable. We liked it well enough to go back twice. Wasatch Brewing Company, also on Main. Another pub with several very nice beers on tap. Kind of a mix of Mexican and American pub fare. I thought the food was good but not special. But we enjoyed going there for the beer and atmosphere. We went to Chimyo (SP?) which is high-end Southwest/Tex Mex. It has a good rep. I thought the presentation of the food was spectaular. However, while the food was good I didn't think it was really special or worth the price. We also ate at Nacho Mammas -- another moderately priced Mexican place that we enjoyed. DV is reputed to have very good restaurants. We had lunch at the Silver Lake Lodge one day and the food was terrific.
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A place a lot of people miss is this little old wooden shack, just a short way up the road from the Town Lift. I can't remember its name! But it did pizza and suchlike. Very traditional american decore, and very basic. But you could clump in wearing just about anything and not get a second look, and the prices were normal. Not Park City prices.

For something upmarket (no hat hair or ski boots) you have to try Adolphs. Great traditional european food (lots of veal things) and excellent service. Very civilised. For a big fat steak dinner, Grub Steak out the back of Prospector. For good cheap mexican, El Chubasco in the middle of Prospector.

For some good options if you're skiing the Canyons, there's some nice places out at Kimble. Good Greek place facing Smith's groceries, and people like Suede, the nightclub near the liquor store.

Best thing to do in PC is to ask people on the hill for recommendations. It's easy to go wrong, there's a lot of fly by night places.

No Name (AKA The Alamo!) is a great noisy beer'n'burgers place. And there's an even more "basic" pub next door, a locals place, called O'Shucks (it's full of peanut shells).
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The restaurant Ant referred to is Davanza's.

Butcher's is a restaurant just a couple of doors down from Davanza's that may work for you.

There is a new brewpub: I think the name is Squatters Roadhouse, and it has been packed since it opened.

The Greek place Ant mentioned has closed, and the restaurant that replaced it is reported to be good. It may be "Good Times Restaurant" but I'm not certain of that.
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The Greek Cafe gone? bugger. Everyone loved that place.

Butcher's was horribly expensive, we got a staff discount there and it still scared me out the door with the prices. I must have looked poor because they provided me with a menu prior to seating... run awaaaaay!!!!!

I forgot to mention the Curry place across the road from Davanza's (has a bunch of bright flags flapping about). Nice and cosy, and the prices aren't too bad, and hat hair is OK.

I loved Davanza's ad on the local channel, with the bloke getting a frozen pizza out of the fridge at a supermarket. Great place. No silliness there.
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Sorry to disappoint you again A, but the curry place you refer to "Good Karma" is now a big hole in the ground where some 'luxury' homes are going in...
My rec's for PC bars/restaraunts with a more casual atmosphere are:
  • The Brocken Thumb is great for an evening beer and burger (at the PC racquet club, and more of locals hangout)
  • The Grubsteak (as Ant mentioned) is always good for a steak or something "American" and like almost all restaurants in PC doesn't have a problem with someone walking in with hat hair.
  • Doolans, across from the Town Lift has a relaxed bar feel and offers a decent selection of food as well.
  • Baja Cantina right at the base of PCMR is also good for beers/margaritas and offers up reasonably priced mex. food.
It seems like restaurants in resort towns are always opening and closing so as Ant mentioned, don't forget to check with the concierge or a local for recommendations - there are plenty of options!
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O'Shucks for a great dive bar, a real bar. Good burgers, great company. Tuesdays happy hr cant be missed.
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Black Dog Sushi
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Do You mean Blind Dog? I'm sorry to hear that Good Karma is no longer there. I liked the food and the owners were great. Hope that they can find a new location.
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