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K2 Outlaw vs Rossi B3

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Other than the 5mm difference in waist. What are the pros and cons of these ski as a powder/crud ski. Thanks dgsaz
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Totally different side cut. The Outlaw uses progressive sidecut which reduces the turn radius somewhat. It also cause the tail to feel like it hooks a bit. People either tend to love or hate progressive sidecuts. That being said the ski is really a nice ride. The B3 is a great ski, a more "classic" side cut. The Outlaws are flat out heavy skis. That weight is decent in the crud but it does slow down edge to edge turning. Either ski would work great for all mountain conditions. The B3 is a bit more of a classiscal all-mountain ski and I wouldn't call it a powder ski. That of course, depends on what you mean by powder. 7-8 inches of fresh no appreciable difference in the float. 15 inches you'll like the extra width of the Outlaw. The only real negative I have about the Outlaw is that this year's model is only available with bindings. That means that an already heavy ski is now a tank as K2 matched is with a Marker binding (really heavy)
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Also, the flex is very different. I found the B3 to have too soft of a tip for my taste. Maybe I would have felt differently about the 185. but the outlaw has a firm flex from tip to tail. Its not overly stiff, but just about right for me. I just picked up a pair of 181's from last year that I'm going to mount up for this season. They're both relatively versatile and carve relatively well for their width, but I like the extra heft and stiffness of the Outlaw. I know their are a ton of B3 fans out there(where are you?), but I'm definitely not one of them
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over here!

Originally Posted by smileguy1 View Post
I know their are a ton of B3 fans out there(where are you?)
I have only two runs on a B3, but I bought a pair based on those two runs. What I remember is that they seemed very light and very easy to turn (which may be the flex). The two runs were steep, with a mix of hardpack and soft snow (but not powder or real crud).
The first 10 turns or so were in a mogul field and that felt pretty good too.

I was able to jump on them and ski with zero "getting used to them" time.

(But, I haven't skied the modern K2 line, so I can't compare. That's somewhat odd, since my previous four pairs were K2, going back to straight ski days -- the circumstances just didn't work out to demo any.)

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Smile, liked your callout to B3 folks. Yes, I really like the B3’s and have given my point of view before. At 6’3, 190 lbs, aggressive go anywhere do anything having stupid fun all day guy, the 3’s do great. Of course I'm not going to jam my religion down anybodies throat since I have skied the Outlaws several times and it really is a close call. My personal tipping point(s); I felt the B3 aluminum tip do its job through crud and I Liked purchasing a flat ski and mounting my own preference. Additionally, while I found the Outlaws actually carved better for me on grooms I more enjoyed the B3’s cutting through greater mountain variety.

So Dgsaz, perhaps you have the opportunity to try both out? Both Skierhj and Smile have good points. I’m betting more feedback will demonstrate that it is really a close scorecard for you…however, hope life is full of these choices for ya!
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I tried both last season. Here are my thoughts (I'm not anywhere close to being an expert, so this is from a level 6-7 perspective):

pros: Very easy to ski, no adjustment period at all. Smooth, relaxing, but cuts through crud and cut-up snow pretty well. Easy to turn and can make all turn shapes.

cons: Not the best carver (but not meant to be), more of a skid-carver. Not quite as stable as I wanted (only tried the 176). I could overpower the front of the ski.

pros: Very smooth, damp. Carves like a 78mm ski. Floats great. Easy to ski in about every condition encountered.

cons: a little heavier than B3.

Results: I also tried several other skis and ended up buying the outlaw. I wanted one ski to use out west and the outlaw seemed to carve the groomers better and go off-piste better also. Just felt more comfortable to me. I bought it flat, so with some light bindings should be lighter than the demo setup.

I could have been happy with either ski. Both are nice skis, imo.
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try the recon?

at alta may instructors have the recon, and i havent seen any outlaws
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I started this thread in October of 2006.


Well it's been 6 years on the B3's and I've been quite happy over all. Over the past week I ventured up to Lake Tahoe and spent the first two days on the B3's and then rented a pair of K2 Rictors for the next two days. I had a good time on the K2s but all the skiing was on groomed/hard pack. The K2s were stiffer, had better edge control, more solid at speed. 


In past years I've had a number opportunitys to ski the Rossis on 2-12" of fresh Utah powder. What a blast!! That's what I want, but not what I always get............


The B3's I've been on are 168cm and the K2s were 174. Both skis, despite the age difference are "all mountain skis" with a 3 cm difference under foot. The tips and tails on the K2s I believe are wider than the Rossis. 


With all that said, how do you think the K2's will work in the same Utah powder. I've read about the rocker/camber innovations in today's skis. The K2s did initiate turns with less effort. Again on hard snow. Can I expect a similar performance from the K2s when compared to my old B3s. What should I expect out of the K2's?


Stats: 5'10" and 155 lbs with my boots on. 45+ years skiing. Not to much about the bumps anymore (the Social Security Administration said I don't have to anymore), steeps yes and powder when available is an ongoing, always developing kind of obsession. I'm thinking of buying a pair of the Rictors and would like some feed back.


Good to see ya'll again after all these years.





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