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More Bears Visit Jackson Hole

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Two days ago Endlessseason and Sculhane skied here, along with a group of friends. Conditions were sunny everywhere, warm on top, cold on the bottom. We skied mostly groomed runs in the sun and had a pretty big day. We made a few forays off-piste, but for the most part we stayed on things the cats had worked. Better snow that way. It was a great time.

Since I have their permission, I'll post a couple of shots from the day:

Here's Endlessseason (front), Sculhane, and friends in the tram maze waiting to ascend...

This is the whole crew gaping over the edge of Corbet's Couloir. Corbet's is closed right now because of the rocks you see at lower right center in the entrance. The patrollers got a little enthusiastic about blowing up the cornice a few days ago and the *whole* thing went. It'll stay closed until we get enough snow to plaster some coverage over those rocks:

This is Endlessseason arcing down an area just to the south of Teewinot Face. I might add that he just had ACL reconstruction this past July. I was still whining about how much my knee hurt at that stage after my ACL surgery. Impressive.

And finally, here's Sculhane putting on a show in Amphitheater:

Clear skies and nice snow. It was great.

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A massive THANKS to Bob. You cannot dream of having a better host to show you around this great mountain. Those of you going to the gathering are in for a treat with Bob.

It was my second trip to Jackson and I'm now 0 for 2 as far as powder is concerned. Had 4 days of nothing but sunshine and wild temperature inversions which made all the South facing stuff just about unskiable. The North facing stuff, which is somewhat limited at Jackson, it still very nice. JH would be the greatest mountain if it could turned counterclockwise by about 90 degrees

If like groomers, you are in for a treat as the condition on those are great...

Steve Culhane
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Can't wait! Headed out Thursday!
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This is the first chance I've had on this whirlwind ski trip to publicly thank Bob for what he did for us at JH. What a dude.
Bob, thanks so much for taking the time to not only be a superb host for the whole day, but what a surprise that you snapped those photos and sent them to our group the same night! Everyone was blown away when Sculhane fired up his laptop upon arrival at Big Sky--we checked email and there they were!
I look forward to seeing you in SL the next time you get an opportunity to come down.
This trip has put me a little behind at work, so I don't have the time to get right on the photos I took, but I'll post some when I can.
Sure wish we could have timed our trip to coincide with The Gathering, but hey, we wouldn't have been able to spend so much time at the gathering with such a gracious host.
Thanks BobP!
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Finally got some photos up from last week's ski trip: Trip ski pics

Thanks again, Bob!
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