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ski bags

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Any recommended ski bags out there?
Also how protective do they have to be to prevent damage by baggage handlers at airports?
...or is it enough just to pack all your ski clothes and stuff round them?
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Dakine double wheeled bag.
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I got a double ski tube a number of years back, and to do over again I'd go with a bag on wheels. Although the tube provides great protection, its tough to pack compared to a bag. You have to put each pair of skis tail to toe on top of one another , slide the other end of the tube over this when the skis are stacked and the TSA guys at the airports have a tough time putting the tube back together again and if the holes aren't matched up on both sleeves of the tube it comes apart. So, I think a good roomy double bag on wheels and packing the clothes around the skis is the best bet.
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I have two of the Dakines and I put 2.5 pair in each one, so I can take 5 pair on a trip.
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High Sierra double-wheeled ski bag
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese View Post
Dakine double wheeled bag.

though i dont need 5 pairs
gear whore
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Just got the High Sierra double wheeled bag from Sierra Trading Post for less than $45 including shipping. It was in the bargain barn, and you get a $10 discount if you pay by Google. Seems to be pretty high quality.
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10% off coupon ("SPOOKY") on all Ski Bags at Alpine Sports Outlet - including Dakine, High Sierra, Marker, Fischer, SporTube, and more.
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haha, just got your screenname, half life
or is that your real name?
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I'm just taking time off in between saving the world.
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Can you fit all your ski kit and "casual wear" in the ski bag at the same time or would I be better using a board bag for that and putting the skis in the middle?
Some of the flight operators charge extra for ski bags now so am trying to take as little as possible.
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