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I quit my job and I'm moving West!

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Remember that whole $300,000,000 lottery thing? Well, I didn't win it. However everyone in my office was talking about "what would you do if?" My answer was, "I'd buy a 911 Turbo immediately and then move out West to ski all the time". Then I thought, why wait. I'm far more likely to be killed by a swarm of bees than to win millions of dollars. So I quit a few weeks later. I probably won't be buying a 911 Turbo, and Im pretty sure I wont be living in Ken Lay's old ski house, but we are on the move.

For starters we are looking for a house in/around Steamboat, Aspen, Jackson Hole or Park City. We might look around Burlington too, because of good sailing and close to family. Bonnie ruled out Austria since we don't speak German and its kinda far from family. We are going to go out for a 3 state roadtrip after we have talked to realtors in each town, and we plan to move in by end of October. Are there any other towns that we just have to look at? Bonnie is a horsie instructor who does Dressaage and Combined Training so wherever we go, there has to be a good horsie scene. It needs to be a good place to raise the kids we dont have yet too.

Just thought you guys might like to know, and I look forward to meeting some Bears out there.
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Look at the Glenwood Springs area. It is a working man's environment and is within reasonable driving distance of all of the best continental skiing in the U.S. Oh yeh; it also has better weather than most, if not all, of the so called ski resorts. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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When I say Aspen, thats really where I mean. I did a search on realto .com and it kept coming back with zero houses. There were none until I changed the criteria for > a million. I don't think so....
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You didn't hear this from me. I just bought a place in Salt Lake City, near the base of the Cottonwood Canyons, and compared to home prices in other locals, the place was a steal. Skiing is second to none in quality and quantity in my opinion.
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When I say Aspen, thats really where I mean. I did a search on realto .com and it kept coming back with zero houses. There were none until I changed the criteria for > a million. I don't think so....
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Well good for you! Last year we thought seriously about Steamboat, actually had an offer in on a place but did not work out. Worked with a great agent, I will track down his number if your interested. Have no idea of how it would be to live there but we sure like visiting. Its more affordable than many of the the other "ski" towns in Colorado.

Bonnie should find many other horsie folks there too.

Good luck.
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I'd love to get his name. Thanks.
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Check out Bend, Oregon. Unbelievably long ski season that overlaps other seasons so you never have any down time. Great hiking, white water, rock climbing and mountain biking in the area.
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Altaskier - don't you get stuck down valley on big snow days? Ive never skied Park City Ive just been there for NORBA Nationals a few times. Is the skiing there anything like as good as LCC? I just know that the town was nice, and Im hoping there might be a glut of housing now that the Olympics have packed up and left town.
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sent you a PM
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No giggling over the Mississippi!!!
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Hey epic, good to hear there's going to be some North Carolina Boys out west next year! Maybe one day I can make it out there too. I just wish I dodn't have those college bille to pay off

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On a rare occasion, a big snow will keep me out of Little or Big Cottonwood, but only for a few hours. Those ski resorts push hard to get those roads opened back up. Avy patrol is usually done by 8:15, resorts open around 9:15. Its gotta snow hard to shut down 1-80 up to Park City from SLC. Thats a main cross country route, the DOT is very shy about shutting it down. Have chains, will travel. Or 4x4.

On the other hand, its alway fun to call into work if the canyon road gets shut down due to avalanches when your up there!

500+ inches of snow and countless bluebird powder days has its downsides!
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If schools are a strong factor, then I would be cautious about JH. They have gone through two or three school superintendents in the last three years. Their school board seems secretive and non- accountable to citizens. I don't have a resident's knowledge, this is culled from reading the Jackson Hole News.
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Boulder County is a good spot!

Epic, I went to Duke and worked many years in North Carolina. Send me a PM when you get here. Look into some of the towns southwest of Boulder that are closer to the Summit County resorts. They would be in Jefferson County. Rollinsville is a neat spot mountain living, and housing is relatively affordable. Great schools and rec centers due to the nearby casinoes.
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Well I know how you feel epic. I am about ready to pick up and move out to CO hopefully in the next month or so. I was going to move to aspen where I had some things lined up but that completely fell apart at the last minute(see Aspen Advice thread for more info). I am trying to line up a job in the Denver/Boulder area from MN and I am not having much luck. I am thinking I may just bite the bullet and head out. My parents think I am insane.

Luckily(or not depending on perspective) I just have me to worry about and I just graduated from college a few weeks ago which means I am still accustomed to to eating things like mac and cheese and pbnj washed down with tequila for meals. Before I get a career job I may just have to work in something to put "food" on the table and roof over my head.

good luck,
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In the Park City area,
Unless your overly wealthy, you will end up with roomates, to share living costs.
Most employees who work in the PC area live in Salt Lake,35 miles west on I-80. ( some resorts offer employee only busses in the winter)
Others live in Heber City 20 miles away ( small town)
And yet others live in Prvo, 50 miles away.
I live in Salt Lake, and on a good day i can be at mid mtn DV in 40 minutes. A bad day,add 30 minutes.
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First what are you looking for in the way of a Ski Town? Do you want to live in a small town or would you prefer something more Urban? Do you plan on finding a Job? Park City area Has a lot to Offer. First Park City is Utahs only real ski Town. If you are looking to Buy a home then Park City has plenty of Homes in the $200,000 to $300,000 price range. Look at homes in the Jeromy ranch or Pine Brook area. Further east of PC homes can be found in the low $100,000 range to $300,000 with acerage. Schools in PC School District are the Best In Utah. Three Ski Resorts less then 10 mins away from anywhere in Park City Thats about 8400 skiable arces. Work at least 32 hours at any of the resorts and you get two lift passes per week good at all the Park City area resorts.Plus ski for free where you work. My wife works Part Time at Deer Valley. So I ski there for free and have a pass for Park City and coupons for The Canyons. It's a short ride form here over to The Big and Littel Cottenwood Canyons. You will be less then 45 mins from Salt Lake City Airport and about 30 Mins to Down Town Salt Lake City. SLC is really a pretty nice City.
Real Estate in Jackson Hole is almost as expensive as Aspen and Wyoming winters can be Brutal. I had a job offer in Jackson but turned it down due to the high cost of Housing.
I don't know anything about Steamboat so I will let others fill you in. No matter where you chose to live you won't regret moving to the Mountain West. My wife and me love it here in Park City.
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If you want to come further west, think about Truckee. In town real estate ranging from 300k to however much you want to spend. Other towns on North Shore too.
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We might look around Burlington too, because of good sailing and close to family.
If you're thinking right coast, you might consider Portland, Maine too. Lake Champlain is a small puddle with no, or at least very inconsistant, wind. Points east of Portland are some of the best sailing country in the world when it's not covered in fog. Someday Bigger, err, Sunday Rivah is only an hour and change away and Sugarloaf is only a slightly painful drive. All depends on what season you're trying to optimize for and what family obligations you have. You can still drive down to catch the Boston/SLC nonstops for easy access to real snow a few times a year.
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I envy you, epic.

Other than that, I have no info for you.
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That A-Way JohnH,
Hey, ANYPLACE is better than Wash. DC....(just MHO....)

sTeVe (stuck near Boston...FOR THE NEXT YEAR or TWO..that is)
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For skiing and sailing, with emphasis on skiing, Burlington beats Portland. Check proximity of five ski areas to Burlington area. Lake Champlain is not the ocean but it's no puddle either. Check 'em both out, and if skiing is a priority, you'll choose Burlington area. Bad news and good news: Bad news is the HUGE layoff just this last couple of weeks by IBM, meaning it may be an employers' market here. Good news is that a lot more housing may become available at decent prices.
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Originally posted by oboe:
For skiing and sailing, with emphasis on skiing, Burlington beats Portland.
Propaganda from the People's Republic.

No argument that the skiing from Burlington is closer. Northern Vermont also gets more snow. Sugarloaf gets low 200-ish inches. Someday Bigger gets a paltry 150" or so. Except for Jay, everybody in Northern VT averages 250-300". I don't think the skiing quality at Sugarloaf is all that inferior to a Stowe or a Smuggs.

The sailing is a completely different story. Comparing Lake Champlain to Maine is like comparing Bolton Valley to Chamonix. You can spend a lifetime sailing downeast Maine and never drop your hook in the same gunkhole twice.

I've lived in Burlington. I now live 45 minutes south of Portland. Both are totally reasonable places to live. It all depends on what you're looking for.
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Well Epic I didn't quite my Fortune 500 job but rather got laid-off.
So I pointed my non-911 tires to Aspen and now that I'm here I'll never leave, that is unless it's to move to Salt Lake. Like AltaSkier says the skiing out there is second to none. But as for history, beauty, culture, and outdoor living well Aspen is the 1 ....
Yeah it can be pricey but what else are you going to do with your money? Watch it sit in a bank..hell no spend it in Pitkin. As for Glenwood it's nice but too far from the fun and women of Aspen and Snowmass. I now work for the SkiCo and I'll admit it's the best gig my young 32 years have ever seen.
If you want to ski, hike, run, bike, and party hard this IS the place.... happy hunting
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Epic - you can sail Granby (near Winter Park) and Dillon Res (Breck, Keystone, Copper, A-Basin.)
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