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Advice on CO in early Dec

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Hello Everyone! I'm all set for my January trip to St. Anton in Austria, woot! Got lots of helpful info from snowheads.com.

And now my snowboarding buddies want to hit some real snow out west before they lose their vacation days this year, and due to other events, looks like it's gonna be the first weekend of Dec, 4 days skiing over Dec 2nd weekend (arrive thurs night, leaving mon night).

I've skiied out west before (Alta, Banff: Sunshine, LL) and I can ski pretty much everything at those resorts, double blacks, trees, off-piste, etc (but no steeps yet). The other 4 guys would be boarders and are a solid intermediate who've only skiied the Mid-West (WI, IL and lower Michigan). This will be their first trip out west to a real mountain and they're pretty stoked.

I'd suggest Utah but since I've already been there and haven't tried Colorado, looks like that's the state of choice. So, which resort would you recommend where I could get good advanced runs and also a majority of intermediate runs for my boarder buddies.

We're all in the mid-20s, so a fun village for apres ski would be nice, but we'd also like to keep the price on lodging down.

Also, looks like some good snow has already fallen and most resorts should be open by start of Dec, right? Which ones would predictably have the most snow by then?

Is a rental car necessary from the airport or do you recommend a shuttle service.
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rent a car and a condo in frisco, silverthorne, or dillon. from there you will be able to have your pick of a variety of resorts with the best snow.
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I'd wait until to very last minute and go where the snow and the terrain is. That time of year is very slow so booking lodging at the last minute should be no problem. Whether or not, advanced terrain opens depends on snow and staffing. And, a little snow makes a big difference. It may be that Summit County resorts only have ~20" bases which means little or no advanced terrain while Aspen has a ~30" base which could mean plenty of terrain. It's impossible to know now where the early snow will be.
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i'd stay in breckenridge, keystone, copper, frisco, silverthorne, or dillon; whichever looks best to you; but do rent a car.
that way you can drive anywhere from arapahoe to vail, or whereever the snow is. often that early, some will have a good base and some will only have a 15" base; just depends where the snow lands that early.
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Awesome, thanx for the good tip about renting a car to add flexibility in the early season. We'll probably book our tickets now and the car and then wing it. Cool.

Can you rent a Condo for just 4 nights, or does it usually have to be for a week or longer?

Do all the resorts mentioned above generally have more intermediate and advanced terrain? I had a look at Breck's trail map and it looks very suited to blues and blacks.
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