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Interlaken, Switzerland

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We got a great offer on a Ski trip to Switzerland. The area is Interlacken and we will be able to ski three major areas in the Jungrau region, including the Eiger, ski the 007 run and we will be able to visit “The Top Of Europe” which is inside of a glacier and we are told spectacular.

Does any one know this area? It is a good place? The offer was much cheaper than any other resort.

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Just stay out of the canyons if there's a thunderstorm coming!
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We stayed in Murren last year, just below the 007 runs. It was summer but very dreamy. Would love to go back in winter. We went up to the James Bond restaurant (spectacular cable car) up the Schilthorn and could see the lift lines.

INterlaken is down below in centre of the valley and from there you would travel up either side .. to either Jungfrau side and its ski fields, or up to Murren.
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Tib, I haven't stayed in Interlaken on a ski trip, but I know the area.
From Interlaken, you take the train to Lauterbrunnen and change there for Murren (the Schilthorn side) or Wengen (the Eiger/Jungfrau side). The train from Lauterbrunnen to Wengen is about 20 minutes, and then you can either stay on it up to Klein Scheidegg, or take the Mannlicken cable car (Tram). I can't remember the time to get to Murren, and I've not done the train from Interlaken - but it's about 20 minutes from Interlaken Ost to Lauterbrunnen.
Taking the train is the best way to do it - and from Lauterbrunnen up, it is the only way to do it!
Due to the distance from the slopes, Interlaken isn't popular as a ski town, so don't be expecting much apres-ski in it. It is, however, situated between Lac Brienz and Lac Thun, and has some beautiful scenery all around.

How long are you going for?
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I've been to Grindelwald (at the foot of the Eiger) - in fact that's where I learned. I remember it as being very charming but as I was learning, I don't remember so much about the terrain.

The 007 place is the Schilthorn, it is indeed spectacular and complete with circular revolving restaurant at the top. The black run from it was closed when I was there, but it looked amazing. Wengegn, Murren and the Lauterbrunnen valley are all very beautiful too.
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Proximity to the station is important in Interlaken and there is more than one station.

The inter city station is some distance from the station you need to get up the mountain.

Interlaken is ALWAYS cheaper than staying in one of the resorts because of the extra effort required to get to the slopes.

Personally I would rather stay in Grindlewald or Wengen.
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Staying in Interlaken will be like staying in SLC and skiing Park City each day (or Rutland and skiing Killington), except you'll be commuting by train instead of car to the ski areas. It is considerably prettier than those two US locales with lakes on each end of town. The trip will take about 45-60 mins to get from the town of Interlaken to the multiple ski areas of the Jungfrau. Interlaken is a bigger tourist attraction in summer (when I visited), so there should be plenty of underutilized restaurants and accommodations in winter. The Jungfrau region is INCREDIBLY scenic. Don't know where else you've skied/traveled, but this is likely to be some of the most scenic terrain you'll ever lay eyes on. If the low price tag is important, I'd say go for it as long as you recognize there will be a daily commute. Look into local train schedules. Perhaps you can après ski & party in Murren, Wengen, or Grindelwald and then head back to Interlaken fairly late for actual sleep time.
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