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My Dad Needs New Skis

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My dad is in the market for new skis.

Here's his info (I'm getting him to register, so he'll soon reply to this thread).

His info:
73 y.o.



skis 10+ days a year, mostly at Tahoe (Sugarbowl, Alpine, Northstar occasionally Squaw, Homewood, Heavenly, and Kirkwood) but over the past 5 seasons he and I have taken trips to Bachelor, Whistler, and Colo (he's skied Vail, BC, Breck, Keystone).

Former volunteer Ski Patrol @ Sugarbowl ('60s and '70s, taught me to ski between his legs)

I consider him a recreational finesse skier (he has great form in my humble opinion, but he's not aggressive and sticks to blues and greens these days)

His current equipment: 187 Rossi Energy 9.9 (first gen of "shaped" skis) and Rossi Energy boots. He's quite happy with the boots, but wants to update his ski.

Last season he demoed the Rossi B2 and the Salomon Foil. He's pretty sure he wants to downsize to a smaller ski and would like something that will handle normal Tahoe conditions as well as be decent for our annual trek to Colo.

Fire away with the suggestions!
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First question is, what did he like or not like about the two he demoed??

Which one was best, and how would he want a ski to be different or better than the best of those two??

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I'm visiting the folks for the day, so i'll have my dad weigh in when he gets back from teaching.
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SJ: I liked the Rossignols fine, especially the ease of turning.
I am basically a groomed slope skier at my age (73) so do not want
to take any chances on steep slopes. I like some Solomons that I tried at Squaw Valley too, the Foil 1080. Ease of turning was a factor with these
skis too!

Does this answer your questions?

Thanks! GDave (Dookey's Dad)
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Sure, that's a help.

My usual take is that when someone has tried a ski and liked it, there is not much reason to start pursuing alternatives. This is especially true if there are no improvements that you can think of that you'd like to make in either one.

Both skis you mention are somewhat wider than strictly necessary for a mostly groomer guy, but the bottom line is you liked those two. Choosing one of them can keep you from getting lost in some of the tail chasing that we see from time to time.

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If you're sticking to the groomers the Foil probably isn't the best bet, it's strengths seem to lie in versatility, doing everything on the mountain decently, nothing exeptionally other than maybe the terrain park.

IMO the B2's ski very smoothly, likely agrees with your skiing style very well. If you want something with more shape like the Foil's, maybe consider Rossignol Zenith Z3 (121-72-100), which have more of a carving feel than B2's. It's hard to say which is better for you, but all 3 have their strong points and you probably wouldn't regret any of them.
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Sorry for the serious delay...still trying to get my dad acclimated to the whole concept of posting on Forums/Message Boards.

I actually was with him the other weekend and he expressly asked me to aid him in posting on this thread over Thanksgiving. Since I'm headed to the folks tomorrow, expect some reviving of this thread!

Thanks to those who weighed in initially, too.

Also, since my pops is a life long Rossi skier, anybody know if/when there will be some Rossi Demo Days in Tahoe (granted we need some coverage first, but still). I wasn't able to find anything on their new, slick, and somewhat confusing to navigate website (last season's site had a Demo Days schedule posted in such a manner that it was incredibly easy to find).

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For an older experienced (Old School) skier. A midfat with less sidecut and fairly soft makes perfect sence to me. they will bend and carve at lower speeds, they are easy to slide and smear. and the girth under foot really smothes out the softer choopy snow we so often have in the tahoe area (On the Groomers)

The 1080 seems like a good choise in the low 170's
Or somthing very similar.

If he is a rossi fan he might take a hard look @ the B3
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Thanks for the insight MTT.

I was steering my dad more toward the B1 or B2 and never thought of the B3. But given that it's only, what, 83 underfoot, might not be a bad choice for him to try.

Basically, as the very first post suggested, I believe he rode a B2 for a day at the end of last season and then he got on the Foils at Squaw on Memorial Day, which you may recall was basically Spring/Summer corn conditions.

He's also gonna want something that grips a bit on the hardpack since he sticks to the groomers (BTW, my dad mostly rides Alpine and Sugarbowl with a few days sprinkled between Northstar and Homewood and Squaw and I'll drag him to Kirkwood and Heavenly at least once during the season)
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How about the solomon xwings? xwing's are similar to the 1080's only with out the twin and such
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okay, so I finally made it up to the cabin and scoped out my dad's old planks.

he's been riding 184cm Rossignol Dual Tec Energy CUT (Carving Utility Tool).

his boots are Rossignol Energy ST, which he seems quite happy with.

So basically he's just looking for new skis.

He skis approx 15-20 days, predominantly at Tahoe, mostly at Sugarbowl, with a few days at Alpine, Squaw, Northstar. We also have been doing a yearly 3-4 trip to Colorado and he's partial to Breckinridge.

As mentioned earlier in the post he's ridden the 1080 Foil and a Rossi B2.

I've passed on the suggestions for the B3 and X-Wing.

He's getting a little ansy, even though we don't really have much snow, but I keep telling him to chill out, get a couple more rec's from the forums and do a few more days of demoing.

Speaking of which, does anybody know where the ski companie's post their Demo Day schedules (I know Rossignol used to on their old site, but haven't been able to wade through all the flash distractions on their new site to find it).

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There is still probably no reason to look past the B2 which I know he tried and liked. If he really has to look further, he might consider the Atomic Izor 9.7 which has a moderate sidecut (nice for an old schooler) but is a very solid ski for it's price range. I see no need for him to look at something like a B3 given his terrain choices and age.

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Cool, thanks for the suggestions Jim!

I told him we'd stop by on the way up to Tahoe so he could chat with you one of these days.

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Still undecided?


Don't know if you've chosen the skis yet, but as mentioned at the beginning of the thread, the Rossi Z3 might be a good choice. They are stiff enough to hold their own when needed, but flexible enough to not tire you out. They carve very nicely...just edge them and away you go. They also glide beautifully on the flats or when you have to head uphill to the next headwall...skating is held to a minimum if at all.

I got a pair this season and after using them a few times, I'm completely satisfied.

Good luck.
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