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Ok. Where To Stay In Park City, UT

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At this point I am planning my skiing vacation in the middle of Feb. I want to take my wife and daughter who is 3 1/2 years old. I am looking for a hotel or lodge that may have amenities that if my wife and daughter get bored they have something to do (shopping, playing, making a mess, etc...). I'm planning for my daughter to take skiing lessons. So any help would be great.

PS: I would like to try to stay away from DV if possible because of expense.

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A couple of years ago, we stayed at Marriot's Summit Watch right on Main Street. They had an outdoor heated pool, hottubes, and I believe a play/game room with toys for all ages of kids.

If you are going to be skiing at PC, you might want to look at slopeside lodging as it might be less of a hassle since you have a young child.

There are hundreds of places to stay in PC, just do a search and many will come up.
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Have you tried VRBO.com? That is where we found our condo last year and this upcoming season too. I'm bringing my 3.5 yr old as well, and we are getting a condo so she has plenty of room/activities. Many of the condos have the playgrounds and indoor pools too.

We found a good deal right at the entrance of Deer Valley, on the bus loop. Not sure how familiar you are with that system, but it's very nice and never really waited long. It will take you to all the shops etc

If you are looking for really inexpensive, you can find some condos over near the interstate by the Canyons (on bus route) or on the other side of Deer Valley, near Jordanoir reservoir (no bus service). In any case, I have found that by using VRBO, we save about $200/night because we don't have to deal with the middleman. Therfore, I was able to get more bang for my buck. There are plenty of nice places near PC and DV for a good $$, you just have to be willing to do a little research. I hope this helps!
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Before we went, I wasn't sure what to make of the town lift shown on the trail maps. It really does come right into the center of town, providing easy access to the closer parts of downtown. (Main street is a steep hill, so the blocks add up fast.) The trail back is really a commuter trail, not something you would do laps on.

There seemed to be a lot of individual condos in residential buildings in that area on vrbo. (I realize that is not what you are looking for.) There were a few full scale hotels downtown, though I didn't pay a lot of attention. Sounds like the place wasatchskier recommended is one such place.

The other lifts that come to the base are fairly close together (and a fairly long way from the town ift). A large cluster of shops, restaurants, and (I think) hotels is located there, and there are other condos scattered nearby (some slopeside).

The cheaper condos are about 5 miles away, out near the freeway. The one we stayed at was a mix of toursit units and full-time residences. It did not have a "vacation" feel, though it was perfectly nice and pretty large.

There are a lot of very nice looking condos/hotels/whatnot over near DV, but I suspect they have DV prices.
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