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Montana Skiing TR

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Took these pics yesterday.

My Freind Allen:

My roommates dog seems to be having fun:

Silly snowboarder, chasing the dog:

And one pic of me:

Enjoy the stoke, winter is on its way.
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Wow...that looks awesome. Looks like you got a pretty good dump for October...how much? I can't wait till I get on the slopes.
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Nice! I saw this on TGR also. In three weeks, I'll be ready!
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Big ups for another Montana skier!

Where you guys at? Bozeman area? I hear the snow has been BIG down there!!
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Pretty sweet. We're still basking in the 80s in California. The mountains have been dusted but are barren of snow and are awaiting the real onset of winter. Meanwhile, we have to suffer through Colorado and Montana getting the goods.

No problem I'm used to it. Last year it was Utah, 2004 was us. Hopefully our turn will come soon.
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